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free yourself from doubt & FIND YOUR PATH TO SUCCESS

Kay Wilson

No matter what your dream of success looks like your ability to realise it is far more improved if you’re able to approach life without being limited by fear. Kay Wilson explains how to free yourself from doubt…

Fear is the one single emotion that destroys our ability to move forward in life according to our hearts desires and the truth is it’s so much a part of who we are we can barely identify it. Procrastination, self-doubt, judgement, anger, frustration, sadness, attraction to ‘life drama’, these are all versions of fear. Some people struggle to come to terms with this because they don’t like to conceive of themselves as being fearful – this in itself is fear, fear of facing their truth. Fear can paralyse you if it is left unchecked because it can create doubt and when you doubt yourself it’s like you trip yourself up on your own path to success. The truth is no one is better at preventing you from reaching your success than you; so the question is how can you start taking your power back from fear?

How To Start Re-Programming Your Negative Beliefs.

The ultimate path to success is making the decision to start re-programming your negative beliefs, this is the most punchy approach to fearlessness and it requires real self commitment. To start with it’s important to understand that all fear-based beliefs have started as a thought – they became beliefs through sheer repetition. Most commonly these beliefs come from an experience we had as a youngster that at the time we didn’t have the emotional capacity to deal with, so we took what we were told or learned from a challenging experience and made it our personal truth. For example I had an art teacher who told me when I was 13 years old that I never finished things, this became a core belief of mine for decades. I would avoid committing to anything as I subconsciously thought I couldn’t stick to it and I remember frequently thinking – “I can’t do that because I never finish things” and I was ashamed and fearful of letting people down. It was only when I reprogrammed that belief with the statement – “I can accomplish anything I put my mind to”, that I started to make real beneficial changes in my life.

Identify your belief patterns

So firstly you need to identify your current belief patterns, you can do this by becoming aware of what you tell other people about yourself. You would be amazed at how people describe themselves unconsciously. Pay attention to how you respond when you’re talking to friends. Do you rattle off a list of limiting beliefs? Ie: “I think I’ll be single for life” or “I always get overlooked for promotion”. If you find you are telling a story you don’t want to ‘own’ anymore think about how you can rewrite it and when you have re written your belief in a way that supports you, make it your personal mantra that you say to yourself as often as possible. Make sure you to do it from the present tense – ie “I find love easily”, or “I always get promoted”, this is powerful from a manifestation perspective as you only ever attract what you are already feeling.

Observe Your Resistance But Don’t Give Into It.

I know, it can be challenging to start with, I can hear the resistance now, “But how can I tell myself I find love easily when I’m single?!”. Yes, this work may initially cause a strong negative emotional reaction and this is understandable – think how long you’ve been telling yourself your negative stories! But that does not mean it has to fail. Think of it like this, if you’re looking after a child (your mind) and they are used to eating ice cream for breakfast (negative thinking) and you start giving them museli(empowering thinking) they are going to act out to start with, but if you keep serving it up every single time they will eventually give in and come to expect and even enjoy it! The most challenging time can be when you’re tired, when you feel yourself slipping into old habits, switch into self care mode.

Go gently with this process it can be challenging especially in the face of years of resistant beliefs and thinking, you may need to get some support with particularly destructive patterns around self worth. If this is the case I advise you to reach out to a Councillor, Therapist or Healer, there is nothing more valuable to you and your future than empowering thought behaviours. If you would like to work with me I would be happy to support you, you can reach me at hello@kaywilson.love for a free consult.

You Are In Control

The one biggest take away I want to share with you is the fact that you are in control of your mind! And your mind is the key to your success, you do not have to be a victim to your self-doubt any longer, the question is: Are you willing to change yourself in order to transform your future? 

Free yourself from self-doubt and start creating your pathway to success today. 

Much love and abundance, 
Kay x

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Kay Wilson, Founder of Reiki Healing & Everyday Energy, is a Reiki Practitioner dedicated to helping you on your journey to physical wellbeing. She is passionate about energetic health and peace of mind and is always developing techniques to help you integrate mindful and energetic living into everyday life.

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