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first person: NUDE BY NADINE WARD

Nikki Yazxhi

“As an Australian, I promote and support homegrown entrepreneurs who create ethical, sustainable, refillable, reusable, recyclable, eco-friendly, harmless to animals, luscious products, both to local and global consumers. We are an extraordinarily talented nation, diverse in cultures, colours and looks.

My background is Sri Lankan and I have lived in Australia for 49 years and have ‘licence’ to comment that there is a lack of preference to consumers who are coloured (to use an American twang). The choices are not well provided and feel only that we aren’t valued as a consumer, as not considered a viable business opportunity to Aussie manufactures who create and supply makeup, skincare, where tinted products are offered, and other niche markets where nude is a best seller.

The new decade has seen one of the biggest fashion influencers in our country Vogue Australia, showcase 2020 issues with bold & beautiful statements, ‘commencing a new decade for change’ and ‘2020 Vogue values’. ‘Value’ is the pivotal word, which allows the importance and acceptance of not just black women but all women of diverse backgrounds, shapes and sizes to be represented, in all facets within the fashion and beauty industry.

The move to supply products to darker complexions has increased since the ‘70’s ‘80’s, but dejectedly at a slow pace. I read a comment in January 2020 Vogue Australia, by Billie Smolenaers who says “I want to see more people like me doing what they love”. This issue (January 2020) was not only about sustainability, creativity and innovation it’s about diversity and importantly inclusivity.

This makes me pick a bone with Australian founders of skincare, cosmetics, lingerie, shapewear and any other product line that comes in NUDE or a tinted sunscreen/moisturiser. Not all skin colours are being included in your colour swatch. My skin is brown and I purchase offshore brands to suit my skin colour. But why is my skin colour not being catered for in my own country?

Products limited to white to a paler shade of olive skin is derogatory when there is a melting pot to tap into. It is the Y2020 and women of colour are still being excluded from the Australian vision board. It’s a joke when I test a tinted sunscreen only to appear like liquid paper on my skin, or God forbid if I need nude underwear. Don’t even get me started on concealers.

#kkwbeauty #skims, #kylieCosmetics, and other off-shore beauty entrepreneurs like MAC cosmetics and RMS Beauty, are gracing not only the covers of innumerable fashion magazines but some on Forbes. It’s no secret that Instagram is a genius marketing tool, which all these successful overseas brands obtain their marketing data and supply accordingly. We have a huge capacity for demand in Australia. How can I support our Australian entrepreneurs and creatives, if they don’t cater to me?

Since the magnification of the BLM movement due to the media upsurge and global outpouring to bring to justice, the forces behind the atrocities committed not only in the USA but here in Australia. There has been a huge shift in our national and local campaigns featuring more black models I’ve ever seen in Australia.

I’m very excited to finally see so much diversity in campaigns on home soil, featuring all colours, cultures and bodies. The prescription outdated look has turned a powerful corner.

It’s an extremely positive change, to witness a shift in the conception of what is beautiful, in Australian campaigns. We can only become richer in culture and influence. That’s what we need to nurture and appreciate. I know we are talking cosmetic, first world problems and it all sounds vain.

Here’s the thing though, we need ALL Australian skin colours to be included in the day-to-day.

It’s bigger than just looking pretty, it’s about inclusivity – DON’T LEAVE US OUT!

Some call it discrimination some call it racialism, me – I’M JUST CALLING IT!

The quintessential girl next door has evolved and she comes in many varied and beautiful colours. This needs to be represented well. There’s a nude niche out there to be celebrated within our communities of cultures, colours and looks.

I hope to be adding to cart, my next purchase a concealer or foundation which match my skin tone, a nude thingy that is true to my nude and not white. And all Australian made and manufactured.

How cool would that be?”

– Nadine

about Nadine Ward

Nadine Ward is a gorgeous, talented friend, you can follow her at @wolfl.ow
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