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fashion contributor: ANGELICA CUEVA

Angelica Cueva

Angelica attended design school in theatre/TV production, falling into an event producing role that has steered her career. Now Angelica is creating momentum in the fashion industry working on runway shows and private fashion events with designers Karen Willis Holmes, Hermes and Oroton.

We are so excited to have her on the team as our fashion guru, here’s a little more about what makes her tick…

You, in three words? Thinker, inquisitive, determined.

What inspires you? Storytellers both facts and real life, colours, my mother 

What’s your work title? Depends on my day and project. I have many titles fashion stylist, event manager, mother and student.

What was your first-ever job? My first job was at our local Italian pizzeria. Right in-between two local rival soccer teams, the weekends were wild. 

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? Air hostess, so I could wear the great uniforms, interior designer because they always dressed so sophisticated. But ultimately wanted to work on the creative for music video clips.

Explain your usual day? Wake up to my son holding on to my ear, run around the house to get everyone out the door with all after school gear at hand. And on my way to the current project on-site or remotely. Finishing the day with a series of war stories and cuddles. Then a few hours with my husband reminding each other how lucky we are.

What ‘makes your day’? If I have been able to squeeze in a workout session or even just a dance session with music played loudly. To hear my child conquered something they couldn’t before.

Three things in your life you can’t live without? Cuddles, my familia, dark chocolate and music.

4 fave songs? 80s Rnb Jams, Up and Smoke tour, Musica Latina/Salsa + Santana and Dancehall beats.

Fave place to escape to? Escape to my family in NY, remote location where it’s just us and the outdoors, escape into a food experience.

How do you relax? Myofascial deep massage, zone out to music on my headphones.

The best piece of life advice you’ve received?  Be silly, Be kind, Be honest

What will you be doing 5 years time? A lifestyle that involves more travelling and curating creatives.

Watch this space for Angelica’s fashion posts…

Follow Angelica here instagram.com/angelicacuevasolangel/