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how to create the perfect bed part 2 – MAKE YOUR BED

Nikki Yazxhi



all the elements you need to ‘make’ your dream bed

the 5 perfect elements


We recently ‘made’ over our bed, thanks to Sleepmaker – here’s what our perfect bed comprises of {shown above}: 1. Father Rabbit In Bed Linen Sheets; 2. Sleepmaker ComfortTemp Summer-Weight Washable Wool King-Size Quilt; 3. Sleepmaker Supreme Support Airflow Memory Foam Pillows;
4. Mark Tuckey Slab Bed; 5. Sleepmaker Miracoil Physio Endurance Medium King Size Mattress {heaven!}

how you can make your bed perfect

When buying a new mattress it is important to think about your base, pillows and quilt as all these elements ‘make’ your perfect bed and affect the performance of your mattress. Your Base is the support for your mattress. Your base will affect airflow and roll together. If not supported correctly you won’t experience the optimum benefits from your mattress. The new Sleepmaker Comfort Selector, and will now provide a full bedding solution from a mattress, to a complete bed (mattress & base).

We used the Comfort Selector, it took on all Hubbie and my wants and needs – and it recommended the Sleepmaker Miracoil Physio Endurance Medium King Size Mattress. It couldn’t be more spot on, we LOVE it. It’s perfect for us. So if you’re not sure about what you should get for your next mattress, we highly recommend using the Comfort Selector – it doesn’t take long {and means you don’t have to spend your precious weekend, in-store, lying on different beds. It also takes out the guesswork. Genius.}

Buying your perfect pillow can be tricky, especially if you’re fussy like me. Plus it’s not just a comfort issue you need to consider, the height and type of your pillow will affect your spinal alignment. If your new bed is softer or firmer than your previous mattress the change will also affect your spinal alignment if you keep the same pillow. The experts recommend that you review and update your pillow at the same time you pick out your new mattress to ensure your spine is straight whilst your sleep. To help you find your perfect pillow – CLICK HERE

Thread counts can go anywhere from 250 right up to 1000. The higher the thread count, the softer, more durable and more expensive the sheet will be; while the lower the thread count, the crispier your sheets will feel. Thread counts aside, buying sheets that are cotton rich (meaning they have little polyester in them) – or are linen {which is our new fave} as they’re easier to look after and last longer.

All doonas, quilts, duvets are not created equal, here’s a quick decode…
COTTON is breathable.
WOOL is dense, warm and a natural insulator.
DOWN and FEATHER the higher the ‘down’ content, the lighter and warmer doona will be.

Want your bed to be/look as perfect as a hotel bed? Every hotel has a signature way they make their beds so we asked Terry Schwamberg-Kaljo, Hotelier at Contemporary Hotels to share her hotel’s technique…
* Stretch and tuck the bottom sheet in tightly to remove creases.
* Flick the top sheet over the bed leaving 15 centimetres flow at the top. Fold the sheet back 15 centimetres and then a further 50 centimetres down again. Tuck it in at base of bed.
* Next put on blanket/s and quilt cover, or quilt. Tuck each in individually at base of bed to avoid a bulky look.
* Fold back the blanket and quilt at the top of bed to the end of the top sheet. Next fold and start rolling both together until you’re 30 centimetres from the end. Lift roll and place on top of blanket fold line.
* Put on pillowslips and spray with French Lavender water to induce a peaceful sleep.

Here’s a rundown where we got all our new bed elements…
MATTRESS: www.sleepmaker.com.au/comfort-selector
BED: www.marktuckey.com.au
SHEETS: www.fatherabbit.com
PILLOWS: www.sleepmaker.com.au/pillows
QUILTS: www.sleepmaker.com.au

We hope you love ‘part 2’ of our ‘perfect bed’ posts… CLICK HERE if you missed the inspiration part – and stay tuned for our next post which will give you everything you need to know about caring for your mattress and your dream bed…

+ we have a giveaway which you won’t want to miss!

{This post was done in collaboration with Sleepmaker}


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