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life lessons: change your WORDS, change your WORLD

Nikki Yazxhi

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{Hello, yes!} Well, according to author Andrea Gardner, it’s all very simple… all you have to do is change the words you normally use in life.

Here’s her 5 tricks to help you change your words/world:

1. Speak slowly, double the impact Speaking more slowly can have dramatic effects. First, slowing down will give you inner judgement time to assess what you´re going to say. Second, it will make you easier to understand. Pausing momentarily between words – as public speakers do, helps you make your point dynamically and memorably.

2. Turn negatives into positives For the talk with the boss it´s better, according to Gardner, to use words like “What I find inspiring is…” Not only will it make you feel better, but also promote happiness and positive feelings in the person you´re speaking to, and get you the results you hope for.

3. Remember how words make you feel Words just don´t have straight definitions; they also have nuances. When you´re talking about money for example, replace words like “debt” or “poor” with words that evoke positive financial experiences, like “I have a wealth of experience that enriches the team”.

4. Replace “BUT” with “AND” But is the ultimate limiting word, it´s just an excuse for not moving forward. Try changing the sentence from “I´d like to lose weight, BUT I hate excercise” (meaning impossible to lose weight I might just give up) to “I´d like to lose weight AND I hate excersise” (ok, how do I solve this problem, maybe doing excerise that I really like). The AND puts you in the driving seat and encourages action rather than impassivity.

5. Practice speaking with confidence Borrow techniques from public speakers and summon your own positive thoughts around words. Just like a stage actor who’s learned a script, summoning up practised speech is always easier.

The initial story is also a short video, viewed over 14 million times on youtube. Watch it here! Youtube/Powerofwords

{Source: Beautifulosophy / Pic: Vogue}


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