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Nikki Yazxhi

folo - do god when shopping online


FOLO — Noun and verb | Abbreviation of ‘For Love’, pronounced ‘follow’.

Today The Pure Foundation launches Folo – a platform that automatically generates free donations when you shop online, paid by the retailer. How it works: Folo gives any online shopper free money to donate to charity. Whether you’re booking a hotel or flights, ordering a case of wine, or buying a pair of jeans, once you download Folo it gives a percentage back to the cause of your choice, at no cost to you.

“For generation ‘slacktivist’, Folo is an absolute gamechanger; it’s converting online shopping into real positive change. Just 500 people using Folo will generate $15,000-30,000 p.a. in donations. A million users could generate $30M-60M,” says Folo spokesperson Jaimee Abict {below, left}.

Folo has secured over 700 retailers on its platform, including David Jones, Expedia, Nike, Sephora, The Iconic and Dan Murphy’s.

You can choose to support one of hundreds of not-for-profit (NFP) organisations, from their local homeless shelter to global names like World Vision. Alternatively, they can support an entire cause category such as climate change, global poverty, conservation or the arts.

Folo will revolutionise the charity sector: it will provide a steady stream of revenue to your favourite charity simply by shopping online. It’s a win-win.

Nina Skrzynski {above right}, Chair of the foundation’s Advisory Board explains, “Our goal is to take the pressure off NFPs needing to constantly fundraise, allowing them to focus on their true purpose. Folo itself will also donate 100% of its own profits to charities through The Pure Foundation.”

introducing folo
Folo is for absolutely everyone who shops online – all you have to do is activate the toolbar.
Folo’s mission is to foster empathy within a generation of young online consumers, empowering them to give back to causes they really care about.
The Folo Bar is available now as a free 30-second download to your browser
–  visit www.folo.world for more info.

About The Pure Foundation: The Pure Foundation is an innovative philanthropic trust established to drive social change. The Sydney based group has launched Folo, Gratia Café and Folonomo Restaurant and Gallery, all of which operate a 100% ‘profit for purpose’ business model.


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