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Nikki Yazxhi

She is also the co-founder of children’s interior label Olli Ella, is mumma to Tennyson, eight, Arlo, six, and Nell, two. Chloe lives in a 1970s-bungalow perched on top of a hill overlooking Byron Bay with her husband, Charlie, their children and dog, Digby.

We chatted to Chloe about business, baskets and her bright future…

This is a tale of a business that started in busy, hectic international cities which has moved its HQ to Byron Bay to enjoy a slower pace of life. After selling their home in Balmain Sydney, Chloe, her hubby and three children packed up to re-locate to Byron Bay where they prioritise their time together as a family.

Olli Ella started as a happy accident, which was serendipitously founded in London in 2010 by sisters Chloe and Olivia. The name of Olli Ella means the coming together; of family, of the home, of friends – the first half of the name has been taken from Olivia’s first name and Chloe’s middle name because when they started the brand it was a celebration of sisterhood, and realising the lifelong dream that they shared of one day working together.

Shortly after launching with a small collection of modern glider chairs, Olli Ella was picked up by Harrods, which catapulted the brand from a boutique business run out of the basement of the sisters’ London art-gallery, to a worldwide brand with offices in Sydney and most recently Los Angeles five years on. Today Olli Ella is loved globally by customers for its collection of effortless, liveable décor, textiles and homewares.

Olli Ella is an ‘unconventionally operated,’ colourful and highly successful company that has become a global home décor brand for the modern family. Her interiors empire has been loved by millions of people around the globe. “With Olli Ella, all the pieces just fell into place. We realised we had a vision, and we stuck with it. Today Olivia runs the UK office, I run the Sydney office, and we jointly manage the LA office. We still both design for the brand and oversee strategy day-to-day,” says Chloe.

We asked Chloe the bM questions to find out a little bit more about her:

You, in three words? Loving, silly, adventurous

What inspires you? I know it sounds cliche but truly my family. I am so so grateful for what I have, even when it’s not pretty (because it’s not always), I am inspired by the happy chaos of life with a young family, by the idea that you can still do and create and adventure with them in tow. I’m inspired by the unconditional love and support that my husband gives me and our children.

What’s your work title? Co-founder and Head of Brand Strategy at Olli Ella

What was your first ever job? Selling homemade lip balms at a flea market.

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? A CEO (for the office and the outfits!), or a film director.

How did ‘Olli Ella’ come about? It started as a creative project between my sister Olivia and me. We started making furniture locally in England which got picked up by Harrods in the first few months.

Explain your usual day? I’m up with the kids from about 6am, we have breakfast, hang out, sometimes we will sneak off and catch a sunrise. I go to the office from midday until later in the afternoon, my hubby generally does school pick-up that way I can be at the office longer, and then I am usually home between 3.30 and 5.30, depending on the day. Fridays are my day at home. The evenings, like now when it’s winter, we snuggle up by the fire, eat dinner together and read. We don’t watch TV during the week which frees up a lot of time to just hang together. In summer our afternoons seep into the evenings at the beach, and bedtimes get blurred!

What ‘makes your day’? Catching a sunrise or a sunset, when I’m productive at the office, when I get good hang time with the kids and see them doing something, or creating something that they love. My daughter, always.

Three things in your life you can’t live without? My family, optimism, the promise of adventure.

4 fave songs on your iPod? Thunder, Young Dumb & Broke, Philip Glass ‘Opening’, Wilco (the entire Summerteeth album)

Fave place to escape to? The ocean

How do you relax? Swimming in the sea, taking a hot bath, going to bed early with a good book or podcast

Best piece of life advice you’ve received? Never wish your life away.

What will you be doing 5 years time? Living in another city, no doubt as this seems to have been our pattern over the past 10 years, moving to a new city every five years! I’m not sure, you know I hope we are still exploring and adventuring but also settled for the kids – that’s one thing I need to be conscious of is making sure that we still get to have all of these great experiences as a family, while maintaining stability for the kids, because they need both in equal measure, I think.

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