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Nikki Yazxhi

look better in photos

SOME VERY INTERESTING INSIDER INFO TO KEEP IN MIND for when you’re having your photo taken next…

“Chin up” may be a good idea when it comes to facing a bad mood, but apparently it’s not the best plan when you’re posing for a photo.

A new study shows that the angle at which you hold your head may affect how you’re perceived by the opposite sex. For us girls, a slight downward tilt of the head simulates the view from above and that is most feminine and most attractive – and for blokes, a slight backward tilt of the head is judged at most masculine, which can make the man more attractive. When you start looking at fashion editorials and celeb portraits and instagram accounts, you can kinda see this trick in action!
Something to give a try next time you’re taking a selfie or having your pic taken, yes?
{Source: Allure}


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