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Olay has just decoded the science of ageing and in response have revealed its biggest brand restage and formula upgrade ever {including all new, luxe packaging}! yes, your perfect skincare products just got even better!

BEAUTY NEWS: OLAY HAS DECODED THE SCIENCE OF AGEING – Triggered by 10 years of research, Olay has discovered almost 10% of women naturally look 10 years younger because of their DNA, unique gene activity, and skin care habits. Using this research, they have unlocked the secret behind why these women look so young and have re-engineered their formulas so you too can have flawless, radiant, younger looking skin in just 28 days, no matter what your DNA depicts.

the newest research

The Olay team worked with Dr. Alexa Kimball from Harvard Medical School and 23andMe, a leading Silicon Valley genetics company to undertake the largest and most advanced study into the relationship between DNA and skin ageing, and to decode the secret to women who naturally have younger-looking skin.

After analysing over 2,500 women and over 20,000 unique genes across all ages and ethnicities, Olay discovered that almost 10 per cent of women are actually “exceptional agers”. These women looked more than 10 years younger than their actual age, and were breaking the rules of skin ageing. The challenge was on…

Olay Scientists tested over 25,000 ingredients before selecting only the top 1% of ingredients that would make it to the upgraded formulas across its already cult-followed anti-ageing collections – Regenerist, Luminous and Total Effects.

The result: Olay’s new breakthrough reformulated products are power-packed with scientifically proven ingredients that can help visibly transform your skin in 28 days.

the newest restage

As part of Olay’s biggest restage ever, Olay has re-engineered the formulas of its best-selling anti-ageing ranges, Olay Total Effects, Olay Regenerist Luminous and Olay Regenerist. Now your Olay Regenerist favourites have the power to transform your luck and deliver the look of good genes – dramatically making a difference to your skin in only 28 days.

the newest ingredients

The new formulation includes the new ingredient, Carob Fruit Extract. With this new addition, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream provides hydration and skin renewal benefits to firm and lift, resulting in younger-looking skin. Carob Fruit Extract, when combined with other key anti-ageing ingredients {like the ones below} has been proven through in-vitro testing to help accelerate the recovery of aged, stressed or compromised skin and aid cell renewal, leaving your skin glowing.

other key ingredients that work with the new Carob Fruit Extract are:
• Amino-peptide (PAL-KTKKS) helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
• Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) boosts cell turnover and maintains skin’s moisture barrier
• Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin are powerful humectants with intense moisturising properties
• OliveM, a derivative of olive oil, is an antioxidant which helps protect skin from oxidative damage

the newest packaging

We’re loving this packaging, and how each product is user-friendly and dose perfect… we also love that this luxe range is priced so well:

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream – $48.99
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream – $48.99
Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting UV Cream SPF30 – $52.99

Olay Regenerist products are available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies
– call 1800 028 280 for stockists or go to www.olay.com.au

Follow Olay on instagram @olayau #olayau or #DNAorOlay

{This post is a collaboration with Olay.
As you know, we do not promote any products or services that we would not wholeheartedly  recommend to our friends.}


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