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#beautyinsider: your new skincare routine for 2017

Nikki Yazxhi



which is why I’m still sticking to my New Year’s Resolution to keep my skincare regime working as hard as I do!

Fortunately, it already does! I’ve been using Olay for years, it’s the one skincare range that I consistently use {even though I try the odd product here and there for research!} The Olay Regenerist range steps it up a level, and includes a collection of anti-ageing skincare products which have been scientifically proven to help you achieve beautiful skin {so easily, and quickly} that looks up to 10 years younger. All the products work together to give you the perfect combinations for both day and night.

During the day, Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum, Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream help plump, firm and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The day creams also boost your skin’s resilience and protect against environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution.

Studies have shown that the Olay Regenerist MicroSculpting cream outperforms $400 luxury creams in moisturisation.

While at night, the Olay Regenerist “Overnight Miracle” regimen works with your skin’s natural repair rhythm to visibly reduce wrinkles, and firm the skin so it looks plumper in just five nights. {FYI: At night our DNA repair is more active but as we age this natural repair process decreases. Using the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence and Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream together can boost skin renewal and repair by 60%.}

the key ingredients

All the Olay Regenerist products in the range feature a unique combination of anti-ageing actives, combined with a delivery system to allow your skin to absorb more anti-ageing ingredients. The key ingredients in the products include:
* Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): accelerates the renewal of surface cells, reduces wrinkles
* Olive extract (Olivem): antiMoxidant known to help protect skin from oxidative damage
* Amino Peptides: pro-collagen molecules that help repair skin, reduce wrinkles & firm skin.
* Dill Sees Extract (Lys’lastine): enhances skin’s elasticity.
* Hylauronic Acid and Glycerol: hydrating agents for softer, plumper skin.


When used together day and night, the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle regimen helps you achieve skin that looks up to 10 years younger. And what’s better, you notice results straight away! Here’s what I’m  using:

my day routine:


1. Olay Regenerist’s Advanced Cleansing System – unlike manual cleansing, Olay’s electronic cleanser powerfully removes grime and makeup by loosening, lifting and swirling the dirt away. It’s soft and gentle on your skin, making it perfect to use every day to cleanse and prepare your skin for the rest of your anti-ageing routine.

2. The Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence has Niacinamide, Olivem and Peptides to boost skin energy and allow it to absorb more anti-ageing ingredients, it is the first step in both day and night routines.

3. Olay’s Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is the perfect multitasking product offering UV protection (in the Micro-Sculpting UV Cream variant), deeply hydrating the skin and providing firmer, even youthful skin. {FYI: Skin repair slows down during the day as our body is focused on other functions, the Micro-Sculpting Cream works to improve that cell renewal and nourish skin as it fights all those external ageing factors.} It’s quickly absorbed and makes the perfect base for your foundation too!

From day one, Regenerist MicroSculpting Cream visibly reduces pores and improves texture and radiance. It’s Olay’s most advanced and award winning cream with over 200 awards worldwide. Its formula has been proven to plump, firm and reduce wrinkles, while bolstering skin resilience against environmental stressors.

4. Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream {if I have puffiness around my eyes} or Olay Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream {if I have dark circles} – CLICK HERE for more details

my night routine:


1. Olay Regenerist’s Advanced Cleansing System {see above for details}

2. Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Serum – I use this before my night cream because it’s infused with the highest concentration of Regenerists signature amino-peptide complex, making it the most powerful anti-ageing product to date. The concentrated amino-peptide complex in this serum contains carnosine, which is scientifically proven to assist in wound healing and helps protect and reduce collagen damage. It really gives your skin a boost.

3. Olay Regenrist Micro-Sculpting Night Cream – which contains all the key anti-ageing ingredients for reducing wrinkles and plumping skin, but is a lightweight gel that quickly absorbs without feeling heavy or greasy. It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling plump and hydrated. {FYI: In just 5 nights, up to 20 million cells are renewed resulting in 50% better hydration for firmer, plumper skin with less visible wrinkles.}

4. Olay Eyes Pro-Retinol Eye Treatment for deep wrinkles – CLICK HERE for more details

It’s not just me… more than 7 in 10 people who trialled the range noticed visible results after using the Olay Regenerist Overnight Miracle regime. {FYI: my neighbour, Anna, is also a huge fan!}
shopping deets:


Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System – $34.99
Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Serum – $52.99
Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Cream – $48.99
Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre Essence – $39.99
Olay Regenerist Micro Sculpting Night Cream – $48.99

+ CLICK HERE for more information about
the Eye Collection

Olay Regenerist products are available at all leading supermarkets and pharmacies – call 1800 028 280 for stockists or go to www.olay.com.au
Follow Olay on instagram @olayau

{This post is a collaboration with Olay.
As you know, we do not promote any products or services that we would not wholeheartedly  recommend to our friends.}


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