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Nikki Yazxhi


Here are 7 new make-up manoeuvres to master, that you can do on the go, and in a matter of seconds.

1. Revive Your Curl

When your lashes need a midday pick-me-up, don’t apply a fresh coat of mascara—adding another layer to already-dry mascara is a recipe for clumps. Instead, give your lashes lift and bump up the fullness by pushing your mascara brush right up against the base. You’ll darken the roots, and holding that position for just a few seconds will revive your curl.

2. Lift Your Smile

Make your smile really pop by concealing the outer corners of your mouth. Lipstick or no lipstick, this quick trick will lift your smile and make your lips appear more shapely. If you are wearing a bold lip colour, this finishing touch will define your lip line and take care of any mistakes. For easy, on-the-go application, use the tip of a concealer stick and blend with your finger.

3. Brighten Your Shadow

There’s a simple fix for your eye shadows with disappointing pigment payoff. You can intensify the colour of any shadow by giving it a white base. Applying a wash of white matte shadow first will make whatever shade you apply over it more vibrant.

4. Plump Your Pout

Even though dark colours aren’t exactly volume-enhancing when it comes to lips, that’s no reason to shy away from this season’s shades of wine, berry, and purple. Just dab a bit luminise  onto the centre of your top and bottom lips and right above your cupid’s bow—the light will catch those spots, creating the illusion of a plumper pout.

5. Lengthen Your Lashes

To build length without adding clumps to your eyelashes, simply tap mascara onto the tips of your lashes. The very ends of eyelashes are the hardest to reach, so after your normal mascara application, press the brush onto tips for the finishing touch. The real trick is to come from above and get the topside of your lashes.

6. Enhance Your Angles

A full highlighting and contouring session is going to cost you way more than 30 seconds. For instant slimming and shaping, just apply a contour colour {anything matte and a few shades darker than your skin tone will work} to the bottom of your nose and under your chin. This will take care of the high-priority problem areas {goodbye, double chin!} and won’t add hours to your routine.

7. Smooth Out Your Face Makeup

Ever experience the rear view mirror effect? You do your makeup in the bathroom mirror and leave the house thinking you look phenomenal, only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the light of day and notice your heavy-handed application doesn’t look so fabulous. There’s a 30-second remedy for this, and all you need is a tissue and hydrating serum. Lightly run a one-ply tissue over your entire face, paying close attention to jawline, hairline, nose, and chin. This removes the extra layer of makeup sitting on top of your skin. Then smooth and set your makeup by pressing serum into your skin.

{Source: Byrdie}


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