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Toni Pearen

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is celebrity contributor and good friend, Toni Pearen – here’s what she had to report after adding L’Oréal Paris Revitalift to her beauty routine

What’s your usual daily skincare routine? When I’m not working my routine is fairly simple, I cleanse at night, wash in the morning and moisturise both morning and night. If I’m working, and wearing make-up for the camera, my cleansing ritual is more intense.
Do you wear make-up every day? No, ITONI 1 generally just wear a BB cream – but when I’m filming, it’s a different story, I wear ‘a lot’ of ‘stage’ make-up.
Do you have any skincare concerns? I think as I get older I’m not as paranoid about my skin, my priority is to look healthy and happy. My only concern would be the texture of my skin.
Did Revitalift help with any of those concerns? Yes, using Revitalift has improved the texture and feel of my skin.
How long did it take to see a difference in your skin? I saw huge difference in my skin after using Revitalift for a week – I was suitably impressed.
How does your skin feel after using Revitalift? My skin feels softer and the texture and tone is even and smooth… and I haven’t had any breakouts since using Revitalift, it’s really improved the look of my skin.
TONI 2Are there any stand-out things that you love about the product? I love the ease of the wipes, and that they take ‘all’ your make-up off in one go – and I love the consistency of the night cream.
Have you had any comments about your skin?
Yes, friends of mine have asked me what I’ve been using on my skin because they say, “I have a glow’! One friend stopped me while shopping and commented how well I looked and how healthy my skin looked.
Would you recommend it to your friends?
Yes, definitely! I have already.
Will you continue to use the product? Yes! I’ve always used natural or organic products, and now that I’ve tried Revitalift, I can see that my skin probably needed a product that focussed on helping the ageing process. Will definitely keep it in my beauty routine.
FIND OUT MORE ABOUT TONI click HERE & to find out more about her new The Talent Co acting classes click HERE + follow her on Facebook HERE and instagram HERE
revitalift toniPS. WHY TONI & EVERYONE IS LOVING REVITALIFT: L’Oréal Paris’ high-performing Revitalift anti-wrinkle + firming Day Cream is the #1 Anti-ageing cream in Australia. It’s been created using Stimulift technology to stimulate the production of your skin’s eight natural lifters to plump and firm your skin from within. It starts working immediately, leaving skin toned and smoothed – and after using it for just a couple of weeks you’ll notice wrinkles are visibly reduced and your skin will become firmer.
*REVITLIFT HAS BEEN PUT TO THE TEST BY 50,000 AUSTRALIAN WOMEN and in just 14 days, 84% of them noticed a visible difference against the wrinkle reader. Amazing!
If you’d like to try Revitalift and take the 14 Day Challenge for yourself, visit www.revitaliftchallenge.com.au for all the details + you can also see  Nikki’s Revitalift review HERE, Nicole’s HERE  and Jess’ HERE – and stay tuned for our other contributors’ reviews!


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