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Jess Berg



here are hair & make-up contributor, Jessica Berg’s results after adding
L’Oréal Paris Revitalift to her beauty routine

What’s your usual daily skincare routine? I wash my face twice daily with a foaming cleanser from my beautician and use a daily face sunscreen of spf30. At night, I use a skin re-surfacing moisturiser with AHA’s.
Do you wear make-up every day? Being a makeup artist, there is rarely a day where I don’t wear makeup. I love it and feel better wearing it!
Do you have any skincare concerns? My main skincare concerns are that I’m not using something that is really preventing further sun damage and ageing. I like skincare that feels like it’s working, but isn’t too rich or heavy. It’s also important to me that since I am wearing makeup daily, my face doesn’t feel like it has too many layers.
Did Revitalift help with any of those concerns? I was quite surprised by Revitalift, as I thought it would feel much heavier than it does.  You need very little of this product for it to go a long way, which is great!
jess revitalift
How long did it take to see a difference in your skin? I saw a difference in my skin by the next day. My skin’s texture felt smoother and much clearer.
How does your skin feel after using Revitalift? After using Revitalift for two weeks, my skin feels and looks great. It’s definitely given my skin a lift and firmness over the past 14 days, that it didn’t have.
Are there any stand-out things that you love about the product? The things that stood about about this product are the moisturisers feeling very light on the skin, despite being creams, not lotions. And, the fact that a little goes a long way! I think that this may last me at least three months, the way I’m going, so that makes it super cost effective, compared to what I’ve used in the past.
Have you had any comments about your skin? One of my best clients did say how pretty my skin is and that I did not look my age at all, which made my day!!!
Would you recommend it to your friends? I would absolutely recommend this product to friends of mine who were after a great preventative skincare line that was cost effective and felt great!
Will you continue to use the product? I do love the stuff my beautician has me on, however, this is the first product I have tried in a while which is actually making me think I could change….that is really saying something!
FIND OUT MORE ABOUT JESS here www.jessberg.com and here www.imagineyourself.com.au
+ follow her on Facebook HERE and instagram HERE
PRODUCT copyPS. WHY WE LOVE REVITALIFT {and we’re not the only ones*}: L’Oréal Paris’ high-performing Revitalift anti-wrinkle + firming Day Cream is the #1 Anti-ageing cream in Australia. It’s been created using Stimulift technology to stimulate the production of your skin’s eight natural lifters to plump and firm your skin from within. It starts working immediately, leaving skin toned and smoothed – and after using it for just a couple of weeks you’ll notice wrinkles are visibly reduced and your skin will become firmer.
*REVITLIFT HAS BEEN PUT TO THE TEST BY 50,000 AUSTRALIAN WOMEN and in just 14 days, 84% of them noticed a visible difference against the wrinkle reader. Amazing!
If you’d like to try Revitalift and take the 14 Day Challenge for yourself, visit www.revitaliftchallenge.com.au for all the details + you can also see  Nikki’s Revitalift review HERE and Nicole’s HERE – and stay tuned for our other contributors’ reviews!


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