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Renya Xydis



by hair guru & contributor, Renya Xydis

When is the best time to use a dry shampoo? Dry shampoo doesn’t have to be only used in oily hair! When you are using a blow dryer, apply a bit of dry shampoo at the roots to create volume and texture. This will also create additional grit, holding your styles shape for longer.
Does a dry shampoo suit all hair types? Dry shampoo is a universal product for all hair types however; it really is a matter of trialing a few and finding one that works best for you.For me, Drynamic by Sebastian Professional is my go-to dry shampoo, it soaks up any excess oil and leaves my hair looking and feeling fresh.
Why is it important to hold the can 20cm away from your hair? Holding the can 20cm away from your hair is important as applying the product too close to the scalp can create chalky white build up. Spraying too closely also suffocates the roots and can overly drying out your hair.
What are some pitfalls when using a dry shampoo? Excessive use of any product isn’t god for your hair! I wouldn’t recommend using dry shampoo more than twice a week before washing it out and re-applying when needed. Over use may leave you with a dry and flaky scalp, as it’s consistently drawing moisture away from the scalp. When washing your hair, it is important to thoroughly remove the product to avoid product build up between applications.
How does a dry shampoo work? Dry shampoo’s powder-like consistency absorbs the excess oil at the root of your hair, making it look and feel clean, whilst smelling fresh.
In what cases shouldn’t you use a dry shampoo? You shouldn’t use a dry shampoo if you suffer from a dry or irritated scalp. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend you read the label careful and test the product in a smaller area before applying all over.
Does a dry shampoo affect dandruff? If you suffer from dandruff, your hair is already lacking moisture and probably is in need of a treatment mask (I do these at least once a month!). Depending on the severity of your dandruff, I wouldn’t recommend applying any product that could worsen the condition by drawing moisture away from the scalp…it is important to try and get your hair in a healthy condition first!
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