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beauty insider: a clear start for young skin

Nikki Yazxhi

clear skin

It’s easy to to wish we had young skin again, that is until you remember back to the ‘spotty stage’!

bM’s ‘skincare expert’ contributor Emma Hobson shares her expert tips to help your teenager through this skin-challenging time!

Young, teenage skin is not adult skin, it’s different, especially when it comes to acne. Hormones accompanying puberty are the spark that triggers the development of the condition. Beyond genetics and raging hormones it’s important to consider other factors that also contribute to the condition such as stress, lifestyle, incorrect skin care and poor diet.
Teen skin can not only be excessively oily but it also tends to have a lot of congestion both with visible blackheads and under the skin blockages. Generally speaking, teen acne tends to be more severe than adult acne, but luckily young skin has a remarkable healing and speedy recovery time vs. that of an adult.
When treating this young skin condition, the skin care routine needs to be simple but effective:
84294-33318_9First, be diligent with your cleansing routine. Many teens don’t cleanse their skin thoroughly enough and good cleansing is vital in helping reduce skin congestion. If your teen has oily skin, I’d recommend a soap free, pH balanced (non-drying) facial wash such as Clear Start Foaming Wash and encourage them to use it twice in the morning and the same at night. If their skin is oily with only occasional breakouts try a mattifying clay cleanser.
Exfoliation is brilliant at keeping the skin from becoming congested. It is important for your teen to exfoliate 2 to 3 times per week to remove dirt, excess oil and dead skin and prevent blockages. Exfoliation also helps achieve a super smooth texture and eradicates the bumps (underlying congestion). Salicylic acid is a fantastic ingredient to look out for to clear the skin. If the skin is free of inflamed spots then use a scrub. Avoid scrubs if you have breakouts and/or very sensitive skin as they can irritate and possibly spread the infection. In this case use a ‘chemical exfoliant’ (non-friction). Avoid the urge to over exfoliate as this can sensitise and irritate the skin and cause more breakouts rather than less!
At this point it’s important to share ‘some don’ts’. Don’t keep touching your skin, don’t pick your spots or squeeze them. This will spread the infraction which means more breakouts, increase the chances of getting a scar and make the skin a whole lot worse!
Instead, use a spot clearing treatment such as Clear Start Emergency Spot Fix. You apply them directly on the breakout(s) they help kill the bacteria, reduce the redness and pain and heal them quickly and effectively. Combine a nighttime spot clearing product such as Overnight Treatment with a daily spot treatment fix. Again, you want to be looking for that ‘magic’ ingredient Salicylic Acid. When it comes to hiding the breakouts choose a ‘mineral’ concealer to ensure its non-comedogenic so it won’t further congest the skin.
For a bit of extra help there are some great masks that deep clean and cool the skin and target the breakouts at the same time.
Skin protection and hydration is vital for a teen skin.  A specialised ‘treatment’ toner will be a super-hydrator (moisture not oil) as well as help regulate excess oils and eliminate breakouts. Remember to avoid aggressive products ie. clarifying lotions, toners etc. They can deprive the skin of  protection, cause dryness, irritation sensitivity and dehydration. Worst of all, the skin responds simply by producing even more oil to compensate for the damage.
84294-33316_7Now to the moisturiser. When you have oily skin you can be under the impression you don’t need to moisturise, that’s categorically incorrect! It’s simply about choosing a hardworking, protective, mattifying moisturiser that is feather light, oil free and contains oil regulating and antibacterial ingredients.
One of the best ways to reduce pore size and control oil flow is using products that contain Enantia Chlorantha Bark. This has a 36% reduction in pore size, a 49% reduction in oil flow and 55% less skin shine. Using a product like Clear Start Daytime Treatment will also help control oil flow and reduce pore size.
In terms of diet, apart from having a healthy well balanced diet, avoid foods loaded with sugar. It’s believed there’s a link with the consumption of high levels of processed sugars being a trigger for skin breakouts, and the same goes for dairy. And last, but not least, consider taking a supplement of zinc, it’s needed for skin healing.
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to find out more about our beauty insider & skin guru, Emma Hobson

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