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beauty insider: SECRETS & LIES

Nikki Yazxhi

SOME BEAUTY ADVICE SEEMS TO BE ALL BLUFF. We asked the beauty experts to separate the legit beauty tips from the big fat lies…

1. lip balm is addictive

LIE: Lip balms aren’t addictive, however because they don’t always relieve dry lips, you tend to have to continually apply the balm to temporarily reduce the dryness. Apply a balm that is natural with a beeswax and oil base which will last longer.

2. cucumber slices depuff your eyes

LEGIT: Cucumbers are a great treatment for puffy eyes because they have an anti-inflammatory and anti-water retention effect. With such cleansing and draining properties, placing cucumber slices over the eyes helps drain excess fluid from around the area. In addition, cucumbers are extremely hydrating and an excellent source of vitamin A, C and E, therefore making them an appealing and genuine eye treatment.

3. toothpaste shrinks pimples

LEGIT: Toothpaste can shrink pimples, the reason being, it contains anti-bacterial agents (such as Triclosan) that will kill off any infection in pimple prone areas. But, it can also leave a scar and be very irritating to the skin. Plus it doesn’t work in all cases, especially where the pimples are hormonal. In such cases hormone balancing acne treatments are more effective.

4. vitamin e fades scars

LIE: This is a total myth, there’s no evidence to support that Vitamin E helps reducing the intensity of scars, it merely moistures the skin. The only way to reduce scars is to exfoliate and help the skin the regenerate and renew itself over a period of time. Using products that contact AHA’s and mechanical exfoliators can help – and so can procedures such as dermabrasion.

5. hair can get ‘used to’ shampoo

LIE: Hair doesn’t get used to a shampoo. The most common reason for hair products becoming less effective is due to seasonal changes, lifestyle and environmental factors such as air conditioning. Therefore hair care products should be prescribed by your hairdresser taking all of the above into consideration. Also make sure you thoroughly rinse off shampoo and conditioner – and use a clarifying shampoo recommended by your hairdresser.

6. stress causes breakouts

LEGIT: Stress can cause breakouts. Everyone’s body deals with stress in different ways – some people have problems with hair loss, some with their skin, some people get headaches and some lose weight through a decrease in appetite. Rid yourself of stress, and skin problems, by making some positive lifestyle changes. Make time for yourself. Go for a regular massage, join a yoga class, meditate or take up a hobby that will relax you. Even a daily short walk in fresh open spaces can help to reduce stress.

7. spritzing your face with water moisturises your skin

LIE: Spritzing your skin with water will actually dry it out. Our skin has sebaceous glands that produce natural oil to keep it moist and supple. Constant water on skin can reduce the oil and make it feel tight and dry. The best way to moisturise the skin is to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, try to ensure your daily diet comprises of seventy percent water based vegetables and fruit, avoid sun exposure and apply a good moisturiser.

8. dry skin causes wrinkles

LEGIT: People with oilier skins tend to have less wrinkles, even as they mature in years, just as leaves lose moisture and wrinkle in autumn due to the dry cold winds, so does our skin. The best way to prevent wrinkles is to keep the skin well-moisturised, especially around the eyes and lips where wrinkles form first.

9. everyone needs a moisturiser

LEGIT: Moisturisers are essential for healthy and supple skin, however it must be a good quality moisturiser, not just a glorified cold cream with snazzy advertising to back it up. It’s important to educate yourself about your skin’s needs and about various ingredients, so talk to your beauty therapist.

10. sun tanning clears up blemishes

LIE: You can’t tan away blemishes. Tanning may make your blemishes blend in with your ‘tan’ but when it starts to fade, the blemishes will be back with a vengeance and the ultraviolet rays will have caused chronic sun damage. If you think a sun tan makes your skin look healthy, remind yourself that it’s actually drying out the skin, thickening the top layer and leaving you with more long-term photo-aging, wrinkles, liver spots and burst blood vessels.

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