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beauty insider: PERFECT PARTY SKIN {PART 2}

Nikki Yazxhi



Conitnuing on from my Perfect Party Skin post, here’s my advice on how best to
quickly recover after a big night of partying!
By bM ‘skincare expert’ contributor Emma Hobson

We’re all probably guilty of this one time or other, being so dog tired or under the influence of a wee bit too much alcohol that we just can’t be bothered to take our makeup off and instead collapse into bed and sleep with it on!
The regret hits when you wake up and see yourself in the mirror, and you observe how lousy your skin looks and feels. To rescue your skin from the worn in makeup, clogged pores, dried up mascara and the dull lifelessness, I’d suggest you reach immediately for a cleansing oil. The oil based lotion will miraculously dissolve the toughest dried-in water proof mascara, lipstick stained lips, and worn in foundation and blusher! Follow immediately with a good second cleanse with your regular cleanser.
Now let’s tackle the effects of the previous night’s alcohol consumption on the skin. You’re facing a hot, red, flushed and dehydrated skin. Due the extra load being placed on our kidneys and liver you can also experience a puffy face and eyes.
To settle and cool a red, flushed skin, get a couple of clean, damp washcloths ideally with a few drops of either Lavender, Carrot Seed, Peppermint or Camomile essential oil and pop it into a freezer bag and place in the freezer to cool (might be a good idea to do this the day before). After cleansing with cool water, apply the cold face cloth onto the skin and lay down for about 5 minutes.
Now it’s time for some ‘power recovery’ and I can’t think of anything better than applying a multi vitamin mask for 10 to 15 minutes. Apart from Vitamin A, C and E one of the key vitamins to use is Beta Glucan (from Oats) which is a fantastic anti-inflammatory, and alleviates the burning sensation and reduces the redness. Remove the mask with another cool washcloth.
Now the skin has cooled down spritz the skin with a calming toner (can also be kept in the fridge) followed by a patting gently onto the skin a soothing skin booster or serum. Look for a product that ideally contains 80% Red Raspberry extract which helps strengthen the skins capillary walls, and calendula, chamomile and cornflower that instantly reduce the redness.
Your parched skin will also need some extra hydration.Ideally apply an feather light skin hydrator, don’t use anything that contains too much oil as this can insulate the skin and make it feel hotter.
If you have a few too many days of indulgence your skin can take on a sallow grey, yellow tone and be prone to breakouts. If this is the case use a thermal, micro-bead exfoliant that stimulates and revitalises the skin. Apply an overnight clearing skin gel to treat the breakouts and consider taking a supplement of Zinc and a pro biotic to help to balance your gut bacteria and assist the healing of the skin.
If you suffer from the dreaded dark circles, sadly they can’t instantly be eradicated, but by helping the body detox, rest and revitalise through good nutrition and exercise it will all help the repair process. For a temporary quick fix, use products that have a combination of active anti-inflammatories and very importantly ‘optical light diffusers’, these act like a multitude of microscopic mirrors that deflect the light and so decrease shadows, they are often combined in a light concealer make up base. To reduce the puffiness look for eye care products that contain caffeine which acts like a mild diuretic. For a little extra help for score, irritated eyes apply some much needed soothing eye drops.
+ here’s few more great skin pick me up’s:
1. Skin brightening microfoliation. The Rice Bran powder gently polishes and brightens the skin and creates a fantastic, smooth and luminous appearance.
2. Skin firming booster. The organic silicones in this type of product act like an invisible support over the skin (think Spanks) making it feel instantly firmer. The mesh like base also creates a perfect ‘canvas’ for a great make up application.
3. Primer. Provides a radiant, even skin tone. The velvety silicones help even out skin texture, creating an instantly smooth surface. Pearl powder and natural earth minerals provide a neutral tint to enhance luminosity and radiance.
Don’t forget to do some exercise and get some fresh oxygenated blood to your systems and consume plenty of water, drinks and foods high in antioxidants such as White, Green or Rooibos Tea, eat lots of red berries, fresh fruits, juices and vegetables.
+ CLICK HERE to find out more about our beauty insider & skin guru, Emma Hobson
{Pic: Byrdie}


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