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beauty insider: PERFECT PARTY SKIN {PART 1}

Nikki Yazxhi

how to achieve party perfect skin


it’s the perfect time to share some skin tips on how to achieve the perfect party skin
By bM ‘skincare expert’ contributor Emma Hobson

To get your skin into peak performance so you are looking your best, and to ensure the negative influences of a few big nights out won’t hit quite so hard, I suggest a two pronged approach. Firstly, it’s the perfect time to receive a professional skin treatment, you and your skin will come out feeling amazing. Choose a treatment that incorporates deep cleansing which ensures your congestion free, plus exfoliation using Hydroxy acids, Vitamin A or an Enzyme peel to create an even toned, smooth, silky soft skin. A hydration step using active treatment masks and serums to boost the skins moisture levels, providing you a ‘plump’ skin without the traces of dehydration, flakiness or fine lines.
Then the other thing you need to do is have a great home care program. This is without doubt the most critical part of achieving and maintaining a healthy skin. Your regimen needs a few simple steps using the following products;
Cleanser: You can’t underestimate the importance of a great cleanser and a thorough cleansing routine for a radiant skin. I recommend double cleansing your skin twice in the morning and twice in the evening, spend a few minutes focusing on your areas of concern. This ensures your skin is really clean, leaving it feeling fresh and looking more luminous, with less congestion and chance of breakouts.
For the first cleanse opt for a cleansing oil, they ‘power through’ makeup (stubborn lipsticks, oil based foundations and waterproof mascara), sun screen, dirt and oils. Using a cleansing oil ensures your second cleanse with your regular cleanser, can work to its full potential.
Exfoliant: Exfoliation is so important, especially as we age. It dislodges trapped dirt and congestion (blackheads). It assists the skins renewal process ensuring a smooth, plump and even texture. Exfoliation helps our skins barrier function in preventing excess moisture loss and an increase in skin sensitisation. It helps to achieve an even skin tone and an overall ‘brightness’ to the complexion. You’ll notice how great your skin looks and feels and how easy it is to apply your party makeup after a recent exfoliation treatment.
You’ve two main choices when it comes to picking the right exfoliant. A physical exfoliant, which uses friction or rubbing e.g. a scrub, microdermabrasion, facial brush, a buff puff etc. These are ideal for teens, men and oily/combination skin (without breakouts). Or you can chose a chemical exfoliant, these sit on the skin and work without any assistance e.g. Hydroxy Acids, Enzymes and Retinol, ideal for those with signs of ageing, skin sensitivity, dry, flaky skin.
A hydrating spritz toner is a go-to product as it boosts the skins moisture levels and elevates unpleasant tautness, flaky patches and dehydration lines. They are perfect to use throughout the day (and night) as they can be applied over makeup for a speedy freshen up.
Boosters/Serum: These active, concentrated treatment products come in many varieties for all skin concerns, be that ageing, breakouts, sensitivity and pigmentation. They are brilliant at targeting individual skin concerns quickly with tangible, visible results.
Masking: Masks are fantastic at getting quick but instant results especially if used the night of a party. If your skin is dehydrated reach for a gel based hydrating product, if it’s oily and congested use a clay based mask and if you have breakouts opt for a medicated treatment mask. It’s fun to patch work your masks and treat your various skin concerns all in one go.
Moisturise with SPF: Is such a vital part of achieving and maintaining good skin health. They help prevent dehydration, improve skin texture, they can incorporate active ingredients and they protect the skin from the environment by virtue of UV sun screens (SPF30-50) and anti-oxidants. If you at an outdoor party where it’s hot and humid, try to use a moisturiser that is a feather light, oil free hydrator.
Fill your fridge so you can consumer lots of fresh fruit and veggies, water, iced green or white tea which is packed with anti-oxidants to get the skin into good shape. Summer fruits are life savers, raspberries, strawberries {even the ones in your Champagne}, blueberries all help the micro circulation of the skin and help not only protect the skin but reduce any redness.
With a little bit of extra investment in time and possibly money, focusing on your skin health will pay you back with dividends. You and your skin will look and feel amazing and you can confidently go and party! Emma X
+ CLICK HERE to find out more about our beauty insider & skin guru, Emma Hobson
{Pic: Byrdie}


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