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#beautyinsider: YOUR MAKE-UP’S SHELF LIFE

Nikki Yazxhi



so it keeps you looking gorgeous…

FOUNDATION: Keep this product covered and in a cool temperature. Don’t leave your makeup sponge lying on top of cream compacts as this will contaminate the product and decrease its shelf life. Most women wear a form of foundation on a daily basis, so generally there is not enough time for this to spoil.

MINERAL POWDERS: Being a natural based product with ‘inhibitors’ this product has a longer shelf life than most products.

MASCARA: Like foundation this is a high turnover product, but to prolong its lifespan avoid pumping the wand into the container as this will dry the product out. Instead twist the wand out of the container to avoid letting air into the product.

EYESHADOW: Powder products have a longer shelf life, but you can definitely tell when an eye shadow is ready for the bin by a change in its smell.

LIPSTICK: Like eye shadow, lipstick will smell when it is off. Keep this product cool and never share this product with other people – lipstick is very easily contaminated.

LIP GLOSS: When choosing a lip gloss, look for ones packaged in a squeeze tube. This will be less likely to contaminate like wand applicators could.

NAIL POLISH: Nail polishes can last for years as most brands contain formaldehyde which helps to preserve them. Keep them in a cool place and always ensure the lid is replaced firmly.

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