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beauty insider: HAIR REHAB – part 2

Nikki Yazxhi

hair rehab - part 2


Welcome to part two of our insider hair rehab…

stressed tresses

One of the major causes of bad hair condition is stress. Stress can upset the balance of the skin’s secretions on the scalp and lead to dandruff.

Try taking anti-depressant herbs such as Valerian and St John’s Wort to improve the state of your hair, and your mood. Oats are said to soothe the nervous system, so it’s a good idea to start your day with a bowl of porridge. In fact, breakfast is most important meal of the day for your hair.

The energy levels in your follicles are at their lowest first thing in the morning, and you need energy to make hair protein cells. This is why it’s not to good to go too long between meals. If you have breakfast at 8am, your follicles will by hungry by midday.

faking it

So we weren’t all born with super-shiny super-star locks, but even the most chemically-challenged hair can fake a healthy look. Here’s how to fake luscious locks…
* Keep your hands off – the more you play with your hair, the more damaged its going to look.

* Leave a couple of days between shampooing. Gently washing your hair every day is harmless, but to make it look smoother than it really is, try to get an extra day or two out of your shampoo – the scalp’s natural oil will make the hair look shinier too.

* Use the right styling stuff. Look for products that are creamy and waxy to hold the hair without it feeling, or looking stiff. Mix in a little silicone shining product to add shine and make hair softer.

* Coat your hands with a thin film of wax or cream, rub your hands to warm up the product and run your fingers through your tops layers and front pieces – where your hair is most damaged.

* Blow-dry section by section, like your hairdresser does and finish off with a glossing spray or shining product. Make sure your hair is absolutely dry – if it’s left slightly damp it will revert to frizz as soon as it starts to dry naturally.

Go for the gloss. If your hair has been stripped of all its shine, speak to your hairdresser about a professional glossing treatment which will close the hairs cuticle and deposit heaps of shine.

so bad it’s good

A little bit of a bad thing can do your hair good. Having a few bleached highlights may damage the hair but it will also make your hair feel a whole lot thicker. Plus coloured hair does what it’s told. When you blow-dry coloured hair you can get a great finish. The colour causes the cuticle to swell when it’s deposited along the hair shaft, almost doubling the thickness of the hair.

damage control

Bad hair habits to break – before they break your hair…

THE TOWEL TURBAN: Wearing a towel turban to dry your hair can cause the hairs around your hairline to snap and break. Instead, wrap the length of your hair in a towel and twist it gently. If you have short hair, blot it dry.

TAKING LONG SHOWERS: Staying under hot water for five minutes or more makes your cuticles open, making your hair weak and more vulnerable.

SLEEPING ON A ROUGH PILLOWCASE: Coarse cotton pillowcases can cause friction which damages fragile hair. Sleeping on a satin or super-fine cotton pillowcase can help prevent damage.

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