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lauren conrad bob


Here’s how to get hottest bob of the moment by Kristin Ess, Lauren Conrad’s ‘mane’ girl

lauren conrad's bob cut

Everything you need to know to get the Lauren Conrad bob…

On how to prepare for the chop…

“Be ready and be excited! Getting a bob is never a good idea for someone who is ‘on the fence.’ Be confident about your choice of chop! I never do it if someone shows a hint of doubt. I just say, ‘Maybe next time.’ Try a faux bob tutorial! We have one on thebeautydepartment.com. Or tuck your hair into your collar to see what it would look like above the shoulders. Look at it from every angle—this is a good time for selfies. See what it looks like from a profile angle! You’ll want to make sure that it’s flattering all around!”

On keeping it consistent…

“If you want to keep it between your chin and your shoulders, I would suggest [getting it trimmed] every 4 to 6 weeks.”

kristin ess lauren bob

On how to create texture (a.k.a. the key to having a non-mom bob)…

“I like the hair to have some grit and texture. Bumble and Bumble makes a great surf shampoo and conditioner, which leaves the hair with a tiny bit of texture as it air dry eyes. Then I like to add styling aids. I’m obsessed with everything by R+Co. right now—particularly the Chiffon mousse, the Aircraft mousse and the Continental pomade. And I like to finish this look with Oribe Après Beach always. It creates beachy separation but still leaves the hair shiny and touchable.”

On the secret curling method that will keep you well away from the mom bob…

“Flat iron waves! Always have your GHD irons on hand. Flat iron waves create such a cool vibe where a curling iron makes it more “pretty”. There’s a fun “cool girl” look about flat iron waves.”

On the many things to consider before deciding on the perfect cut…

“I think if you find a good hairdresser with a good eye, almost anyone can bust a bob. It depends more on texture, layers and the angle at which your bob is cut. Your hairdresser should be able to find the most flattering cut for you and your face shape. I take so many things into consideration. I think about the neckline, the hairline, your forehead, your jawline, your natural texture, your maintenance in the morning, your love or hate for product, your ability to use styling tools, the thickness of the hair… I could go on forever.”

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{Source: The Coveteur}


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