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beauty insider: genius HAIR-DRYING TRICK

Nikki Yazxhi

genius hair drying trick


 you swap your bath towel for your t-shirt! What the? This is the deal…

The next time you wash your hair, try swapping your towel for a soft T-shirt. Using a typical bath towel to dry your hair, especially if you rub it {instead of blotting it} can lead to frizz and even breakage, a clean cotton tee is softer so it causes less friction and therefore less frizziness. Plus it’s the perfect texture to absorb water without damaging your hair. You can use any old te-shirt, just keep your hair wrapped in the t-shirt for about 10 minutes, then comb through your hair, and style as usual.
This is especially life changing for girls with curly hair, but also works wonders on straight strands too.
{Source: Lauren Conrad / Pic: Byrdie}


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