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beauty insider: 5 HAIR TRICKS YOU NEED-TO-KNOW

Nikki Yazxhi

that pack a big beauty punch

1. VOLUME TRICK: To get voluptuous hair, rub a thickening lotion into wet hair, twist between six and eight French braids, and then take them out when dry and brush.

2. BYE BYE BRASSY: Tone down brassy highlights by drenching freshly shampooed hair in whole milk or heavy cream for 10 minutes. The natural acids in milk and cram act to neutralize the colour.

3. FRIZZ-FIGHTER: Split ends can cause your hair, especially the ends, to look and feel frizzy. To fix, (without having to make a hair appointment), massage an oil treatment into your dry hair. Blast your ends for five seconds with your hairdryer, so the oil is quickly absorbed. Voila – the result: sleek, healthy looking hair!

4. RE-ACTIVATE YOUR HAIRSTYLE: If your styling product seems to have run out of ‘power’, rather than piling on more and causing sticky build-up, re-activate the product you already have in your hair. How? By running your damp hands through your hair or spritzing it with a fine water sprayer. Easy!

5. BLOWDRY STAY: The less you play the longer your blow-dry will stay in place. After a day or two, some pieces will get out of whack. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase may help maintain hair. Tame strays with a straightening iron. At the gym, keep hair off you face and neck with a ponytail, and use a towel to blot perspiration around the hairline. Other than that – hands off.

{Pic: H&M}


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