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Nikki Yazxhi

how to make your foundation look natural


The trick is to enhance your complexion – not cover it. Here’s the insider guide…

Your foundation can make or break your face. It can either enhance your features or highlight ‘problem’ areas, it all comes down to choosing the perfect product for you and applying it properly. Read on for the how to get-it-right tricks to make your foundation look natural…

prime time

A good quality primer helps smooth out any inconsistencies in skin texture, like fine lines and open pores, so that your foundation glides on and looks flawlessly smooth for longer. It also stops common foundation foes, dehydration and excess oil in their tracks for a longer lasting foundation. If skin’s natural oils interact with foundation throughout the day, the colour can gradually become darker and darker, leading to an unflattering orange look. The barrier created by primer helps ensure that foundation remains colour true all day.

get even

It really depends on personal taste which type of foundation you use – liquid, stick or compact – and there are different formulas which are best suited for different skin types. Here are the beauty insider foundation-choosing tips…
OILY SKIN: Go for a water-based or oil-free formula that is non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t cause blackheads or whiteheads). A powder or liquid foundation will look the most natural.
DRY SKIN: Stay away from powder foundations as they age the skin and make it look flaky. Try liquid foundation or a hydrating moisture formula.
BLEMISH-PRONE SKIN: Use a fine layer of light foundation and concealer where needed. A thick mask of foundation will only highlight blemishes and make them worse.
COMBINATION SKIN: Look for a skin-balancing foundation or use more than one product like a hydrating liquid foundation on the cheeks, then powder the T-zone.

back to base – your foundation guide

STICK FOUNDATION: Spot-conceals blemishes and redness around the nose. Dab a thin layer on problem areas – it’s creamy texture blends into flaky places.
LIGHT-DIFFUSING MAKE-UP: Ultra-light reflecting pigments create a flawless complexion. Can be applied for a sheer or medium coverage.
LIQUID FOUNDATION: Apply with a damp sponge for dewiness or dry for more dramatic coverage.
CREAM FOUNDATION: Has amazing camouflaging abilities and provides maximum coverage for imperfections on dry skin. Use fingertips to blend outward for a natural finish.
POWDER FOUNDATION: Covers minor blemishes on oily complexions. Pat your skin with some blotting paper before applying to prevent caking.
MATTIFYING MAKE-UP: Shine patrol for normal and oily complexions. Look for formulas with absorbing micro-sponges.
MINERAL MAKE-UP: Mineral makeup is free of fillers, chemicals, dyes, fragrances, talc and chemical preservatives. Perfect for sensitive skin as it is non-irritating.
TINTED MOISTURISER: Tinted moisturiser is great for normal or oily skins. Tap your tinted moisturiser on, don’t rub it in or it will disappear into the skin.

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