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Nikki Yazxhi



Here are the most-missed beauty blind spots and how to guarantee you look
perfect from any angle {ala Queen Beyonce}…

BEAUTY BLIND SPOT: make-up mask

Mismatched foundation is one of the biggest missed beauty mistakes – and blending comes in a close second.
360º beauty guarantee: Make sure your foundation matches your chest colour, no matter what season it is. In summer, your foundation will be darker, in winter it should be much paler. If your chest is lighter than your face, warm it up with bronzing powder. Always use a damp make-up sponge to blend foundation along your jawline And don’t forget the little white patch underneath your chin that doesn’t see sun. Use a bronzer powder or stick to fill in the area and balance the face and chest.

BEAUTY BLIND SPOT: scary eye make-up

Your eye make-up looks great from the front, but from the sides it could look more Star Trek than sexy. It tends to happen because most women apply shadow from the inner to the outer eyelid and they may sweep the colour out too far.
360º beauty guarantee: Try holding a tissue up at the outer corner of the eye. If you sweep too far, the tissue will catch the excess. Or start from the very end of your outer eyelid and brush inward.

BEAUTY BLIND SPOT: blotchy nose

It’s your most obvious feature but a red, flaky nose can be easily overlooked – especially if you’re concentrating on lips and eyes.
360º beauty guarantee: To camouflage a rosy nose, first apply a pre make-up base to smooth the skin and take care of any flakiness – Then apply skin-tone-matching foundation to neutralise any redness. Avoid using concealer as it can grab – and skip using powder, it will settle into any flakiness.

BEAUTY BLIND SPOT: crackly lipstick

The environment and air-conditioning can cause your lips and lipstick to become dry and chapped without you even noticing.
360º beauty guarantee: Apply a soothing lip balm to lips when you apply your moisturiser in the morning, Blot off excess with a tissue, then apply lipliner to your entire mouth before applying a moisture-rich lipstick. Avoid matte lipsticks as they enhance cracks. Blot during the day to remove any cracked lipstick or flakes and reapply lipstick or lip balm.

BEAUTY BLIND SPOT: crinkly crow’s feet

Rethink applying make-up around your eyes. Even the smallest amount of make-up can settle in the tiniest wrinkles making them appear more obvious, especially as the day wears on.
360º beauty guarantee: Keep around your eyes completely make-up free. You don’t need to apply foundation over your whole face, just where you need coverage.

BEAUTY BLIND SPOT: streaky cheeks

Apply your blush in rush, or with the wrong brush, and you’ll be left with unnatural slashes of colour.
360º beauty guarantee: To avoid streaking, use a medium blush brush to concentrate colour on apples of cheeks and then blend outwards. Always use powder blush over powdered skin – if you use it straight over foundation it will catch and you won’t get an even application. With cream blush, apply it before you apply any powder.

BEAUTY BLIND SPOT: bumpy arms and elbows

You hardly ever see the back of your arms and elbows, so bumpy skin is easily missed.
360º beauty guarantee: To boost circulation and get rid of little bumps, give your arms a salt scrub. Moisten one cup of sea salt with water until it forms a sticky paste, then massage it up and down the arms in circular movements. Shower, towel dry and use a body lotion that contains either alpha-hydroxy acids or vitamin A to help soften the skin scales, enabling them to shed more easily to keep the bumps away.


Back acne is another tricky blind spot to treat – but don’t think out of site, out of mind. Left untreated, ‘bacne’ can get worse.
360º beauty guarantee: Treat existing blemishes with a body wash that contains tea tree oil – and avoid vigorous exfoliation as it stimulates the blood flow which can spread infection. Once the breakouts are under control, keep your back spot-free by using a gentle exfoliator and a body cream rich in skin-sloughing hydroxy acids to stimulate cell renewal.


When you rush shaving your legs it’s easy to miss some hairs. You mightn’t see them until you next shave, but your adoring public could easily spot them.
360º beauty guarantee: If you’re not into waxing, make sure you defuzz by shaving outside the shower so you have more light and mobility to see what you’re doing. Use a shaving foam to see exactly where you’ve been, and where you’ve missed.


It’s tempting to skip blow-drying the back of your hair because you can’t see it – but it doesn’t mean it’s invisible to everyone else too. Here’s how to blow-dry your hair so you can do it with your eyes closed:
1. Blow-dry and style the front and sides of your hair as usual. The back should be almost, but not totally dry.
2. Divide the back of the hair into three horizontal layered sections of equal size and clip all but the bottom layer out the way. Part that section down the middle, and pull each half to the side so you can reach it. Blow-dry each section completely dry.
3. Release the next section. Split the section in two and completely dry, as before. Repeat with the final top section.
4. With the strands still parted down the middle, brush hair then flip into place.


{Pics: instagram.com/beyonce}


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