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beauty & how to BEAT THE HEAT

Nikki Yazxhi



Here’s your beauty survival guide to help you keep your cool and cope with summer’s skin and hair emergencies…


EMERGENCY RESCUE: To reduce the size of a pimple, soak a cottonball in salt water, then press it over the bump for five minutes. If you need to reduce any redness, apply a small amount of eye drops with a cotton bud. Cover the spot by dabbing on concealer that matches your skin using a small make-up brush.
SUMMER SOLUTION: Wash face daily with a gentle, oil-free cleanser and smooth an oil-free moisturiser onto dry areas, especially to any flaky skin around the blemish. Never apply foundation over sunscreen as you’ll clog the pores and trigger more pimples.

razor burn

EMERGENCY RESCUE: Apply ice to reduce inflammation and then a thin layer of soothing aloe vera gel. Avoid shaving, scented moisturisers, exfoliators, sunscreen and the sun for at least 24 hours.
SUMMER SOLUTION: When you shave next, wipe a hot, wet facecloth against the hair growth to soften the stubble and make it stand up. Smooth on shaving gel and shave in the direction of hair growth. Never shave in the morning just before going in the sun.

yellow, discoloured nails

EMERGENCY RESCUE: Nail polish can react with the sun and sunscreen and leave behind discoloured polish and a yellow stain on nails. To remove stains, take off polish and lightly buff nails before poking them in and out of half cut lemons. Next, massage cuticles and nails with vitamin E cream. Wait two minutes, before removing the oil with a nonacetone polish remover.
SUMMER SOLUTION: To prevent discolouration, always use a base coat and leave a gap between the nail and the skin when you apply your polish to allow nail to breathe.

splotchy tan

EMERGENCY RESCUE: Pigmentation is caused by the sun and fluctuating hormones, especially if you’re pregnant or on the Pill. Apply a medium-coverage foundation mixed with a bronzer to patchy areas to even out skin tone.
SUMMER SOLUTION: Use products which contain alpha hydroxy-acids or Retin-A to help fade sunspots. Chemical peels available at your beauty therapist also help lighten discolouration. To prevent further pigmentation always use a high-protection sunscreen and a hat, especially when using these skin products as they make your skin more sensitive and vulnerable to discolouration.

out-of-control frizz

EMERGENCY RESCUE: Summer heat opens hair cuticles which creates frizz and flyaways. Fix frizz instantly by hitting the ‘cool’ button on your hairdryer and giving your hair a shot of cold air down the hairshaft for a couple of minutes to seal and smooth strands. Rub a dollop of styling cream or leave-in conditioner between your palms and pat them over your hair to keep hair frizz-free all day.
SUMMER SOLUTION: Deep condition your hair so frizz doesn’t stand a chance. Put three tablespoons of olive oil in a microwave-safe dish and heat for 20 seconds. Comb the oil through wet hair and wrap in a towel dampened with hot water. After the towel cools, shampoo and condition.

sun rash

EMERGENCY RESCUE: Apply ice for about 15 minutes to reduce irritation, then lightly dab on a thin layer of aloe vera gel. Drink plenty of water with a twist of lemon to keep hydrated.
SUMMER SOLUTION: Always protect your skin with fragrance-free sunscreen and never wear perfume when going into the sun. Also be aware that antibiotics and the Pill can make you more sun sensitive.

chafed underarms

EMERGENCY RESCUE: Clogged up razors mixed with humidity can cause underarm rashes and irritation. To soothe apply a hydrocortisone cream available from your chemist. Avoid shaving and deodorant for at least two days and keep the area dry with powder. See your doctor if there’s no improvement in a couple of days.
SUMMER SOLUTION: Use fragrance-free anti-perspirants and deodorants, and don’t go overboard when applying them. A thin coat will do the job. After shaving, always rinse your razor with hot water to clean away product, hair and dead skin which can attract bacteria.

chipped nail polish

EMERGENCY RESCUE: When you hit the pool or ocean, your nail plate sucks up water and expands. Once you get out, it shrinks back causing your nail polish to crack and chips. If you’re wearing pale polish, camouflage any cracks by smoothing jagged polish with a nail buffer. If dark polish has chipped, lightly dab remover over the chip to lessen the damage, then apply another thin coat of colour.
SUMMER SOLUTION: Wipe oil or an oily lotion over your nail polish before hitting the water. This trick fills your nail plate with oil and protects your polish.


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