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IN COLLABORATION WITH RESCU.COM.AU WE BRING YOU A PREVIEW TO THE MONTH AHEAD according to Astrologer and Moonology expert Yasmin Boland

Welcome to one of the most tumultuous months of the year – there is such a lot happening all at once, so we mere mortals can expect to feel at least a tad discombobulated at times. We can also expect big changes, liberation from fear, awakenings, changes of fortune and chances to get lucky, whatever that means to you.

Usually this kind of astrological excitement is associated with an eclipse but there are none of those in November. Rather what we have are some major planetary movements. I’ll sum them up here and go more into what they mean for your sign further down.

1. The planet of chaos and change, Uranus, is active again.
You might remember that earlier this year, the uncontrollable maverick planet Uranus made a mighty once-every-seven year change of sign move. Uranus left Aries and moved into Taurus. This meant something different for everything and generally churned things up. And now? Uranus is retrograding (appearing to go backwards from our point of view here on earth) all the way from Taurus … back into Aries! More about that below but if you’re doing crazy things, going off half-baked and/or wondering where the next curve ball is coming from, then you’re already tuning into this energy.

2. The planet of good luck and good times, Jupiter, will changes signs this month too.
This would be headline news any day of the week but happening in the same month as the Uranus change of signs just adds to the whole “we’re in a great cosmic washing machine!” feeling. In this case, Jupiter will be moving forwards and leaving the sign of Scorpio, where he has been for the past year, and moving into his home sign of Sagittarius. This is especially good news for people born under the star sign of Sagittarius or who have Sagittarius Rising (find out here) but it’s good news for everyone. Read one for more info.

3. Plus the planet of romance and riches, aka Venus, ends her reverse cycle.
Venus has been going backwards (retrograding) for a few weeks already, and on November 16, she ends that cycle and starts to move forwards again.

4. And then just to keep thing interesting
Mercury starts to retrograde the following day, this time around in the sign of Sagittarius.

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New Moon at 16 Scorpio
New Moon times:
SYDNEY: November 8, 3.01am
NEW YORK: November 7, 11.01am
LONDON: November 7, 4.01pm

Full Moon at 1 Gemini
Full Moon times:
SYDNEY: November 23, 4.39pm
NEW YORK: November 23, 12.39am
LONDON: November 23, 5.39am

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Uranus into Aries

As mentioned above, earlier this year, on May 15 to be exact, the planet of change and chaos, aka Uranus, changed signs. Uranus had been in Aries since 2011. In fact, the day that Uranus moved into Aries will be remembered forever worldwide as a day of disaster, marking as it did the Japanese tsunami killing 15,896 deaths and starting a slow leak of radiation into the oceans that is still happening now. Uranus stayed in Aries for seven years, up to May 15 this year when it finally moved into the sign of Taurus, associated with money. And what happened this year? Well I spend most of my time between the UK and Australia, and I can report that in both countries, the economies have definitely been troubled, with house prices in particular falling and recessions being talked about. Uranus is the great shaker-upper-erof the zodiac so it stands to reason that when he is extremely active, such as when he is changing signs, that we will feel hi influence more. So will house prices recover as Uranus swings back out of Taurus. I have to hold my hands up and say that while I felt quite confident predicting the financial troubles we have recently seen as Uranus moved into Taurus, I am less sure that Uranus retrograding will undo the damage – though it might! For the record, Uranus governs, among other things, chaos theory and symbolises uncertainty and unpredictability. That is a part of the fun with Uranus – anything can happen and probably will!

By now you might be wondering BUT WHAT DOES IT MEAN FOR ME!

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Jupiter into Sadge
Next up we get the move of the planet of good luck and good times moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius. Note that whereas Uranus is more or less reversing back into Aries, Jupiter is moving full steam ahead into Sagittarius. Also note that Jupiter’s move isn’t quite as rare as Uranus’. Whereas Uranus stays in each sign for around 7 years, Jupiter changes signs every 12 months, taking around 12 years to move all the way through all 12 sign of the zodiac.

What you need to know about Jupiter is that he is the harbinger of good things. Moreover, just as we are likely to feel Uranus more as he changes signs, so we should also feel Jupiter. That’s good news, too. We should all feel a little more as though we can rely on luck as much as anything else. We should feel as though fortune is favouring us. We can live more expansively, see the bigger picture and find it easier to count our blessings.

One thing to remember is that Jupiter expands everything it touches. Now as Jupiter moves into Sagittarius, there will be an expansion of Sagittarian themes. Jupiter is the “glass is half-full” planet so a new sense of optimism should start to sweep the world. That’s not too much to hope for as Jupiter moves into one of it favourite signs. It can’t be denied that Jupiter also rules religion and religious ideals – hopefully Jupiter in Sadge will translate as improvements in terms of how we all tolerate each other’s religions. Let’s make it so. Jupiter in Sadge really can broaden our minds so that becomes possible. As well, we can expect fundamental changes, improvements and expansion in the worlds of travel, study, teaching and publishing. Maybe printed books will be back in favour. Maybe we will finally see some space travel for real. There is also a sense that we are all going to connect with our need for freedom more than ever, not just on a personal basis but as a race. More risks will be taken. Are we all boxed into our lives by greed and money and consumerism? Jupiter in Sagittarius will fuel our need to be free, while the recent Uranus energy did the same thing, wreaking change in the financial markets in just a few months, with more to come. Changes are happening. Keep your eyes open! Jupiter in Sadge knows that it’s possible to be happy so we are all going to reach for this more than ever.

Again, of course, as well as this “overview” which applies to all the signs, we can dive into how the move of Jupiter into Sagittarius affects us all on a more personal basis. Effectively, Jupiter is moving from one part of our chart to another as he changes signs.

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If you like to work with the Moon, as more and more people do, here’s an idea for how to harness the Uranian and Jupiterian energies.

1. When you do your New Moon wishes this month, think about the radical changes you want to make in your life
2. Take some calculated risks
3. Talk to the Goddess Fortuna – who is the Goddess of good fortune – and ask her to favour you when it comes to your current most pressing issue
4. Think about how you have “woken up” in the past few months and pat yourself on the back
5. Expect the best

Venus direct
Another major event this month is the end of the Venus retrograde period. If you’re a regular reader, you will be up to speed with the facts; 1. This retrograde happens only about once every 18 months 2. It’s a time to reconsider what you really value 3. It’s a time when your romantic past can come back to the present/future 4. It’s a time when the pay-off for something started under a previous Venus retrograde cycle can finally arrive. Venus retrograde over the past few weeks (it started October 5) was the time think work out:

1. What really matters to you
2. What and who you really value
3. If and where you’re taking someone for granted

Now, armed with that info, you can make some decisions about how you want to live forthwith. Venus retrograde, as I mentioned, happens about once every 18 months and as such provides us with a chance to make adjustments, to make sure we are living life in accordance with that we really care about. So if you didn’t do it already, take a moment to write down your top 5 priorities. Are you giving them enough time and attention and if not, can you commit to changing that?

As with all the planetary events, the end of Venus retrograde affects us all differently depending on our star sign aka our Rising Sign. Click here to jump straight to the Stars for YOUR sign

Mercury retrograde
Last but not least, let’s talk about the fact that Mercury will be going retrograde this month, just after Venus retrograde ends. (Venus retrograde of course, was in turn a cycle which started just after the big 6 planet retrograde of mid-year. 2018 is the year of the retrograde, that’s for sure!)

This time around, Mercury will be going backwards in the sign of Sagittarius. This is of course also the sign that Jupiter is moving into (see above). That puts quite a lot of attention on wherever Sagittarius is in your chart. So what does Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius mean for you?

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