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Nikki Yazxhi

Don’t just collapse into a heap, there are so many things you can do this weekend to help you decompress and get energised for the week ahead.

Here are 9 tips how you can make the most of your weekends…

1. Don’t sleep-in {too much}: As tempting as it is, oversleeping affects your biological rhythm. If you do oversleep you’ll feel exhausted and cranky Monday morning. Make a habit to always wake up at the same time every day. Include naps in your weekend routine as well, whether it’s for 10 minutes or 45. Why? Because naps help purging negative emotions, increase alertness, and enhance your abilities to learn.

2. Spend with family and friends: Reconnect with family members or friends you neglected lately. Don’t do it out of guilt or because you have to. Do it because you want to. Reach out to them to see how they are doing. Don’t call them only when you need them. Return their calls if you were busy when they last tried to reach you. Talk to them. Listen to them. Be there for them. The importance of human connection (hugging, touching) is vital for your well-being.

3. Apply the ‘no technologys’ rule: Try to stay away from your ‘screens’. Unplug! Your brain needs to clear up from all the stress you’ve put on yourself during the week. Why not read a book or newspaper instead? A paper one.

4. Spend time outdoors: If you’ve spent all week indoors, reconnect with nature again. Breathe in the fresh air. Anything goes, from a simple walk on the beach to a hiking trip.

5. Take time for your meals: There’s no rush to go to the next meeting or finish that presentation by the end of day. You’re not on schedule. Savour the taste and smell of what you’re eating. Enjoy it. Simply be in that moment without putting your mind in overdrive again and thinking already of what you’ll be doing next.

6. Declutter your home: You may not be able to sort everything out in one weekend. But make a start, what matters is that you’ll make great progress and once you see the results, you’ll be inspired to do more.

7. Stop worrying: Put that “what if” mindset aside. Stop worrying over things you can’t control like the government shutdown, the economy, the weather or anything like that. Instead you can control yourself. List the things that worry you and set an action next to each of those you can control. Write down the steps you must follow to get that project done.

8. Laugh, laugh and laugh: Best. Medicine. Ever. You can never have enough of it. Humour improves mood in so many ways, and according to studies, it helps you cope with stress, strengthens your immune system and you are 40 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke.

9. Express gratitude: This is something you should do every day, not only on weekends. Be grateful for your family, friends, health, for the food you put on the table, the clothes you wear and the roof over your head. Just try to avoid comparing what you have with other people. It doesn’t help anyone. Gratitude is one of  the main sources of happiness. When you’re happy, you radiate it on all those around you.

{Source: LifeHack / Pics: Jen’s Pirate Booty}


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