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9 decluttering ideas YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT

Nikki Yazxhi

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… and have even started decluttering things and places you wouldn’t normally
think about!

Here’s what I’ve been decluttering: {maybe a little inspiration for you to do too}… 

The medicine kit: I was amazed how many ‘baby’, out of date and old medications we had in our kit. When throwing out any medication, take it to your local chemist for them to dispose of properly.

My keyring: I had two or three keys that I didn’t really know what they were for, they’d just accumulated over time. When I took those keys off, and maybe one to two dangly things, my keys are so much more streamlined {and easier to use}.

My wallet: If you’re like me, you have at least a dozen receipts you’ve shoved in your wallet, and have just left there. Pull out all your receipts, file the ones you need for tax or warranty purposes, and throw out the rest. Your wallet will feel much better.

Bedside table: A place where I keep trinkets, birthday cards, little notes, jewellery. After a good sort out, you may be able to let a few things go!

Make-up bag: Again, there were a few out of date products in my make-up bag, colours that I’ll never wear again, and a multitude of mascaras {all dried up} – once you toss these ‘babies’, your make-up back looks a lot ‘healthier’! {Need more inspiration? Click HERE}

Top desk drawer: This is the drawer that ‘cops’ most miscellaneous bit and bobs – a quick clean out doesn’t take long but makes such a difference.

Car glove box: Out with what you don’t need and only keep the essentials, you’ll be amazed what you’ve been driving around that you don’t need!

Music playlist: Re-jig your palylists to give them new life, delete any songs you don’t listen to any more, and spend an afternoon discovering new tunes.

Computer desktop: File, file, file and trash anything you don’t need anymore. You’ll be so surprised how much faster your computer will be.

Hope that’s inspired you? Little changes that make a pretty signficant difference!


{Pics: @ThisIsGlamorous}


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