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life lessons: 8 ways to LIVE MORE COURAGEOUSLY

Nikki Yazxhi

live more courageously


If we want a life of our dreams, rather than a life that is presented to us, we must live courageously.

Here are a few ways to be more courageous:
1. Read, read, read. Gain knowledge. Knowing something and having a credible source {or more – which is preferred} will build your confidence about what you know to be true.
2. Stop procrastinating and give it a try. Do your best. Learn from the results of that first attempt and do not become discouraged.
3. Face what you fear. Look it in the eye and determine what exactly it is that you are afraid of. Rejection? Being laughed at? Not being accepted? Often our fears are telling us what we desire the most in our lives, and it is up to us to listen to this internal message and follow that yearning.
4. Take a step outside of your comfort zone. By being open to meeting new people, visiting a new city that you don’t know but are curious about, changing up your routine a bit or having a taste of something that you assumed wouldn’t be to your liking, you are gradually strengthening your ability to be courageous. “Life begins at the end of our comfort zone.”
5. Practice standing up for what you believe is right. It is often easier to be courageous when someone else is in need, rather than standing up for ourselves. So by being clear about what you will and won’t tolerate, learn how to find the gumption within yourself to have a voice when it is necessary. This will help you find your voice when you need to stand up for yourself.
6. Be disciplined. In order to have self-discipline, you must be very clear about what you want, and very clear about what you don’t want. As you begin making progress toward what you do desire, you will be less easily swayed to go off course which will make it easier to display self-discipline, allowing you to proceed forward even if no one understands your efforts.
7. Less analysis, more action. Similar to slowly inching your way into a cold swimming pool versus jumping in cannon ball style, the act of just doing it and not over-thinking can actually work in your favour. Why? When we start analysing, we welcome self-doubt which erodes our self-confidence. Yes, it is a good idea to always try to make the best decision, but once our toes are on the line {which means were quite curious in the first place}, it’s time to just jump in.
8. Trust yourself. With each year of life experience, as you pour over what you enjoy versus what makes you cringe, what makes your heart sing versus what tears at your heartstrings, you hone your instincts. You begin to realise what is worth taking a risk for – love, a particular career, justice, etc. And when you know what is important to you, you begin to realise that you must choose what you care most about over the fear that stands in the way.
{Source: The Simply Luxurious Life}


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