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wednesday wisdom: 6 life-lessons for HAPPINESS & SUCCESS

Nikki Yazxhi

life lessons


perfect to help put {and keep} everything into perspective {a good list to share with your fan & friends too}!

1. Beauty comes from within. You are beautiful just the way your are. You can only be beautiful like you not like anyone else. Beauty comes from finding yourself from within.
2. True friends stick with you through all situations. Everyone has choices and you choose who you spend your time with. You choose the friends you are close to and the ones you can confide in. True friends will always be there no matter the distance travelled. Stick with people who never let you down and keep their promises.
3. What you focus on, grows. Never choose to let negativity rub off on you. Promote what you love instead of validating what you dislike. You can find more joy in your life by focusing on all you love.
4. You cannot live your life for others. Live your life just as you like. There are always going to be times when you are going to be criticised or concerned about where your life went then at least you will be able to say that you lived your life happy and achieved all you wanted.
5. Forgive and let it be. We can feel that people do not deserve our forgiveness but forgiving can be like a breathe of fresh and an entire weight lifted. Really no one can move forward without forgiveness.
6. Success is not easy but always worth it. Achieving your dreams is all about having the power and the resilience to power through. Hanging on to that dream through the tough times. Falling and getting up again and again is a process we all have to go through to achieve all that we want. Once you achieve all that you dream of ‘the view from the top is priceless.’
: )
{Pic: Sea Folly}


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