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Nikki Yazxhi

Here are six health mistakes you may be making, without even knowing it!

1. You don’t wear sunscreen
Just because you’re not at the beach doesn’t mean you won’t get burnt. UV radiation isn’t linked to temperature. Put on factor 15 daily and more when you’re at the beach. Don’t forget the backs of legs, as this is the most common site for melanomas.

2. You try all the samples at make-up counters
This is like sharing your make-up bag with thousands of other women. Sample lipsticks can harbour a bug gastroenteritis, while eyeshadows are potential carriers of conjunctivitus, making eyes sore and blurring vision.

3. You take herbal supplements and the pill
Tell your doctor if you’re taking a herbal supplement as they can counteract the contraceptive pill. Taking herbs with conventional drugs influences the clearing rate through the liver and can make them less effective. Be especially careful of St John’s Wort.

4. You cross your legs at the knee
It may be comfortable but it can cause back problems, varicose veins and even deep vein thrombosis. Crossing your legs twists the pelvis and can hamper blood flow as one of your main veins passes through the knee.

5. You don’t know how your great aunt died
Make sure you know your family history. If any close females relatives had cancer before the age of 50, be extra vigilant.

6. You walk barefoot in the gym shower
If you go barefoot in a public shower, you could catch fungal or viral infections that cause athlete’s foot, fungal nails, and warts. And even if you think your public shower is clean, there is still a chance that you could contract and spread one of these infections.

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