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5 ways to LOWER your STRESS level – RIGHT NOW

Nikki Yazxhi


Stress doesn’t have to be our way of life and we don’t have to be stressed to achieve things in life.

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Here are five easy steps that will help lower your stress levels immediately:
{You totally deserve to live a stress-free, happy life!}

1. Become aware. Most of us are so used to being in a state of stress we aren’t even aware when it happens to us. Take note and see how many times you catch yourself having stressful thoughts each day. Once you’re aware of your stress states, you can start to make changes.

2. Change the way you view stress. Life isn’t meant to be stressful, so it’s important to start changing the way you view stress. Decide that for you, stress will no longer be something you face every single day. Instead, you’ll only allow yourself to be stressed during situations that really warrant it.

3. Take control. Instead of feeling helpless when things don’t go your way, take control of your situation by taking action. What most of us do when we face a challenge or problem is go into a state of over-analysis. This is very dangerous because it keeps us in our heads and stops us from taking our power back. Next time you notice yourself in a state of over-analysis, stop and pick one thing that you can do immediately {no matter how small} to help take control of your situation.

4. Count to 10. Before you say something you might regret, calm yourself down by counting to 10. This is a simple method to overcome any frustration or anger that pops up as a result of a stressful situation. You’ll find that by the time you reach 10, you’ll feel a lot calmer and less likely to do something that you’ll you regret {which will cause more stress}.

5. Learn to say no. People-pleasing is a one-way ticket to stress, because guess what: You can’t please all the people all the time! You’re fighting a losing battle right there. Learn to say no more often. If you’re worried that people won’t like you as much for saying no, think again. People will actually like and respect you more if you’re honest with them instead of over-committing yourself and cancelling things at the last minute.

{Pic: Grazia}


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