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Nikki Yazxhi



I think we can all relate to how quickly clutter can start to build and start to
stress us out!

Yep, totally relating? Check out these 5 rules to get started and to help keep your clutter under control:

1. Quality Over Quantity You may feel like it’s a waste throwing out so much stuff, so why not use this as a way to cut down on the amount you buy? Try to follow the ‘quality over quantity’ rule and stick to it – if you don’t need ten pairs of boots, don’t buy them. Instead, think about how much you really want a pair of boots and save up for a sturdy pair that will last. It’s much better to ‘buy less, choose well, make it last’ – this is a good way to think as you’ll appreciate what you do buy a whole lot more and you won’t have such a cluttered life to deal with. If you want something, don’t settle for a cheaper version you don’t like as much – save your pennies and go for the kill. It will work out more economical in the long-run.

2. Be Ruthless Yes, it’s time to cutdown and reduce your possessions. You really have to go in to this in a mean mood or it just ain’t gonna work. Get a couple of big black bin bags – make sure one is for rubbish, but if you’re getting rid of clothes or other items you could set one aside for charity or eBay. Go around your room, house or wherever you’re decluttering and really downsize your things, and don’t look back. We’re talking old makeup, shoes you haven’t worn in years and last seasons clothes – remember to be ruthless and bin, bin, bin. Things like books can be taken to a local charity shop, so go around with another bag and pile up any trinkets that don’t appeal to you anymore, as well as old DVDs and other clutter. There comes a time where you also need to be unforgiving with personal items too – if you’re a hoarder of old birthday cards and magazines, accept that it may be time to let them go. Or at least downsize your stash.

3. Don’t Make Empty Promises If you’ve piled half of your wardrobe in to a bag to put on eBay or Depop, make sure it happens. Set a deadline for yourself and if you haven’t done it within this time, take the bag to charity. You obviously don’t need the cash and it’s likely you’re causing more clutter by keeping bags of unknown items lying around.

4. The Eight Week Rule When it comes to clothes, shoes etc. we like to use the eight week rule. If you haven’t worn something in eight weeks, whether it be old or new, put it in to a pile and assess the likelihood or it being used or worn. We’re not saying it has to be binned, perhaps you could do a swap with a friend for something you will wear, or take it back to the shop if you still have the receipt. Don’t hang on to clothes that have seen better days either, a lot of ‘fast fashion’ clothes aren’t built to last and they will loose shape and become bobbled within a season.

5. Stock Up On Storage If your issue is with your organisation rather than the amount of clutter you have, invest in some sturdy storage that will do the job without looking unsightly. IKEA has some great under bed storage options, as well as furniture for keeping everything in check. We like to make sure everything has a home, this way we know where everything goes and it makes tidying up a whole lot easier. Spend a day sorting out your room and make sure everything has a place – if you can’t find somewhere for it, accept that you may not need it or like it as much as you think.

+ once you have minimised rubbish and other possessions, embrace the minimalist’s lifestyle and keep up with the decluttering. Take one day a month to really keep on top of the items you have, and regularly take things to charity or sell on eBay if you can. A decluttered house is a calm, airy environment and you’ll find you will sleep and work better in such a space.

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{Source: Nouvelle Daily / Pic: Vintage Revivals}


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