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wednesday wisdom: 3 surprising FEEL-BETTER BOOSTERS

Nikki Yazxhi

surprising mood boosters


Here are three surprising, easy ways to feel-better and reset your mood
{you can have your coffee too!}…

1. Stand up tall. Your mum was right—you need to stand up straight! Poor posture makes you physically weaker. Studies show that standing up straight and pushing out your chest acatually boosts testosterone levels, which are linked to better pain tolerance and reduced stress hormones.
2. Smile like you mean it. Psychologists in the UK have noticed that people who find it hard to frown due to Botox injections also find it harder to feel negative emotions and generally experience more positive moods as a result. The study is not saying to go out and have Botox to be happy, it’s pointing out the power of a frown—and how by simply smiling, you can improve your outlook and your mood.
3. Talk with your hands. Some actions do speak louder than words. Psychological scientists at The University of Chicago have released a study suggesting that using hand gestures when we talk can make our thoughts more concrete, which in turn helps with out problem-solving. So start flaunting your ‘handiwork’!
{Source: Prevention / Pic: Barney’s Bergdorfs, Bloomies & Bendel’s}


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