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beauty insider: 4 major mascara MISTAKES {you may be making!}

Nikki Yazxhi



which is why I’m so hard on my mascara {and usually curse it} when I do have to wear it!

I hate clumps {as I expect you do} which is why I thought these tips were worth mentioning. It’s good to know what you should do, and it’s also good to know what you shouldn’t do – and these are four commonly-made mascara mistakes that cause clumping + the tips you need-to-know to avoid them:
Mistake 1: You’re wiggling the mascara brush horizontally. You want your lashes to look incredibly long, but clumping actually gives them a shorter appearance because the focus is on the base of the lashes and not the tips. Wiggling and pushing every lash up and fanning the wand outward is what really makes your eyelashes look false. {And that’s a good thing!}
Mistake 2: You’re not taking advantage of the tip of the wand. The tip of the wand helps to separate the lashes and prevent clumping. The trick is to ‘go vertical’ because it really works to lengthen, separate and maximise curl. Or you could look for a mascara that has bristles on the top of the brush like Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara as it is perfect for that vertical application because the top tines {make-up speak for bristles} comb through individual lashes for a clump-free look.
Mistake 3: You’re using the wrong mascara formula. A lightweight formula will help to avoid the “spider lash” look and also will hold the curl better. There are a lot of mascaras that give you too much formula on the brush which is a surefire way to get clumpy lashes.
Mistake 4: When was the last time you bought mascara? Mascara wands and formulas are being upgraded all the time, it may be time for you to get a new {and improved} one!  {When I do wear mascara}, I LOVE / WORSHIP Lancôme’s new Grandiôse . Lancôme always does great mascaras, but this like no other, it’s the first mascara to feature a patent-pending Swan-Neck wand – a contoured, cutting-edge precision brush that perfectly delivers the Grandiôse ultra-black, high-pigment formulation. {You can actually apply it over your lash extensions too, amazing!}
{Pic: Allure}


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