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wellbeing: 26 reminders MUST-DO’s for A HAPPY LIFE

Nikki Yazxhi

happy life


so much so, I just had to share it!

Gathered here are twenty-six must-do’s and gentle reminders to help you live a happy and healthy life {print them out and stick them on the fridge for the whole family to see}:

1. Always dress well

2. Never reveal all

3. Find a local coffee house to frequent

4. Bring fresh flowers into your home

5. Choose to learn and grow every day

6. Slow down

7. Eat & drink less, savour more

8. Write thank you notes

9. Create a sanctuary that instills tranquility

10. Enjoy the morning

11. Drink water

12. Have a handful of go-to recipes that are sure to impress

13. Maintain your mystery

14. Reduce the clutter {clothes, decor, unhealthy relationships}

15. Choose quality {clothing staples, food – fresh, not processed}

16. Befriend people of all ages

17. Trust your instincts

18. Drink good wine

19. Have mandatory “me” time regularly

20. Be the kindness and quiet strength you want to see in the world

21. Enjoy meals around the table more often

22. Chase your dreams, but never chase a man

23. First walk around in someone else’s shoes before jumping to conclusions

24. Always do your best

25. When you get grumpy, take a nap

26. Revel in the knowledge that life is yours to create – get busy!

{Source: The Simply Luxurious Life Pic: Keep It Chic}


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