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Dr Kieran Kennedy

Over the years it’s become a bit of a flowery, watered down, term. But it shouldn’t be. And now more than ever, Dr Kieran Kennedy says it’s exactly what we need to be doing…

‘Self-Care’ first really dropped into the scene in the 1970s and was actually closely linked to the sociopolitical reforms sweeping medicine, equality, gender and sexuality. People were taking ownership over their bodies, health and minds. Alongside, medicine started recognising the importance of patients being an equal partner in their health.

Self-care boils down to a conscious act toward one’s health and wellbeing. It’s the things that protect and build our health, but also those little things that keep us feeling good. During times of crisis, stress and change self-care is even more important. And remembering that the other important areas of our health don’t stop for COVID-19 is vital.

* Conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure still need the same attention they did before; keep up with health goals, medications and check-ups.

* Concerns around mental health should be a priority; don’t delay getting help.

* There are changes to how a lot of our health care basics work right now (GP’s, clinics, mental health), but they’re still there and we should still be getting those check ups.

* If you’ve noticed a lump, change in your bowels or a niggle that won’t go away it’s VITAL we’re still getting things checked.

* Social distancing and lock-down have changed the way we socialise, but connection (a call, a Skype date) remains super important.

* Daily activity is good for the brain and body whether that’s a run, a yoga sesh or an online gym class.

Self care right now means just that – caring for ourselves. And right now, that’s something we’ve suddenly got an extra need for but also a bit of extra time for.

Yes, it can be the blob out time, the yoga, the meditation or the long bath. But it’s also remembering that other areas of our health are still important right now. And that our health system is still ‘open for business’ to support us through this time.

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