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the secret to RAISING HAPPY KIDS – part 1

Nikki Yazxhi

BEING A PARENT IS CHALLENGING {OH YEAH}… and raising happy, confident, well-behaved kids can be even more challenging!
I spoke to parenting guru Michael Grose to get his no-nonsense parenting advice that will make our kids {and us} happy!

Here’s the 1st {of six } key elements he believes will help you to raise happy children…


“Children’s self-esteem influences their social behaviour and learning,” says Grose. “Children with low self-esteem are less likely to step out of their comfort zone to extend themselves, take risks or try new experiences. Quite simply if kids have a healthy level of esteem and feel good about themselves they’re more likely to make friends and succeed at pre-school and at school.”

“The way we interact with our kids on a daily basis influences the positive picture that they construct of themselves,” he says. “It’s important we let them know through our language and behaviour that they’re capable and worthwhile, then they’ll start to believe it themselves. The messages we send influence the way kids see themselves as well as our relationship with them. Encourage your kids to do things for themselves and focus more on what they’re doing, rather than result, to help them grow, develop and become more self-confident.”

how to promote self-esteem in your kids:

* Build on your child’s strengths and point out to them their areas of expertise.

* Give kids realistic responsibility. Develop self-help skills from an early age.

* Develop the courage to be imperfect. Let them know that mistakes are part of learning.

* Help them to develop the attitude that anything is possible.

* Establish an achievement board or star chart.

* Look for small victories or achievements and celebrate them.

* Help children set goals and stick to them.

* Write letters or notes of appreciation and leave them under their pillow and in lunch-boxes.

* Give objective feedback but begin with a strength or positive.

* Compare them only to themselves.

{Michael Grose is one of Australia’s most popular writers and speakers on parenting and family matters. He’s written six books, including the best-selling Why First Borns Rule The World And Last Borns Want To Change It – and he educates both parents and teachers around the world on how to raise happy, well-adjusted kids and resilient teenagers
– check out his blog HERE}

{Pic: Swarovski}


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