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Toni Pearen

about my beautiful {inside & out} friend and bM contributor, Toni Pearen – here is her reply…

As I watch the sunrise over my suburb I see so much beauty. The children are asleep. Hubby has already headed off to work. It’s freezing outside but inside there is nothing but warmth. As a family, we have created this home. Every day we contribute to the love, compassion and fun in our home. It is a place for dreaming and believing.

According to a post on Daily Mail earlier this week, I have become a hardly recognisable suburban mum. I have left my showbiz career behind to be a suburban mum. Can I ask you what a suburban mum is? We all live in a suburb! We are all raising our kids with little time on our hands and a million to-do lists in our heads. We are strict but fun-loving, nurturing but not smothering. We are giving our children all our best and worst bits…..and trying our best not to screw it up! It is these gross generalisations and labels we place on people who are happily living their lives with their own standards, their values and what is important to them that distorts our sense of self and our purpose in life. I am greater than my sum of parts and here is why?

“I am a survivor. I am 47 years old with two happy, well-adjusted children. I have a solid marriage to a man I love wholeheartedly that supports and stands by me every day. I have faced tragedy, I have felt great loss. I have made mistakes over and over again. I have debt, my car is old {like me!} I don’t spend time in a hair or beauty salon. I wear clothes that have holes in them. I have changed… for the better. I am ageing gracefully {as one reader commented} but another claimed I looked my age. I know the magic of the hair and makeup chair. I know the hours it takes to look amazing. I can look amazing. Yummy Mummy {to me, an insult in every way}.”

Don’t judge me for my unkempt hair and makeup-free face. Don’t judge me for my lack of career ambitions and for who you say I used to be. I am just another person on this huge planet trying to figure it out. When I was young, beautiful and successful ( according to the Daily Mail) I thought I had it figured out but then I realised I’m far from figuring it out. The love I have in my heart for my children overrides all else. I have become creative in other ways. I cook a great meal, I’ve learned how to mend my own clothes and I’ve learned to love myself for it all. I’m proud of the woman I’ve become. I’ve built a business close to home where I can pass on my knowledge, nurture and support young kids who were just like me. I find it soulful and gratifying.

I still have ambition. There are still characters I dream to play and songs I long to sing. There are still places I yearn to go and stories I will tell one day but for now, I’m happy being me. Yes, there are things I miss about my old life before kids but having kids has changed me in only ways kids can. I don’t have time to look in the mirror and analyse my looks, I’m too busy finding the missing school shoe, running a business, running a house, reading, playing with my kids, getting homework done and flopping into bed only to do it all again tomorrow. Suburban mum! Thanks for the laugh!!!!

Toni x

Another proud moment, when Toni graced my first cover as Editor of Girlfriend magazine, she was the first celebrity covermodel. #loveher

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