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hair guru, Deborah Grevett from Papillon Hair…

Hairdressing has always been Deborah’s passion. With 20 years experience, her bespoke philosophy is to create natural, understated, effortless hair by working with, rather than against, your natural hair texture. Working one on one with clients to reach their hair goals, each and every person who comes through the door has a personalised service.

Deborah has a devoted following for her precise colouring techniques (she famous for the perfect blonde shade in particular) cutting perfection and styling expertise tailored to the individual. Let’s just say, the big blow wave is one of her favourites, and clients come back time and time again for that signature style. Her substantial industry experience includes shoots for Australian fashion titles and as a hair stylist for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Accolades and testimonials about Deborah’s styling prowess feature regularly on the popular Vogue forums and various style blogs- so much so that her books have been full for many years, and now she is excited to open them again to new clients in her home suburb, the gorgeous beachside community of Avalon.

Here’s a little more about Deborah in her own words:

My family

First Job:
Well if you’re asking when I was 17 Donut King. Piggy tails and a pink shirt with white shorts. 😂 First salon job Karl Azzi Piccadilly Arcade Sydney

What I wanted to be when I was younger:
Work with animals

How did Papillon Hair come about? Papillon came about as a name when I opened my first salon in Paddington. The space had large wrought iron French gates that were adorned with butterflies. Being a francophile (loving all things French) it just seemed perfect to name her Papillon. Papillon was known for being a little touch of Paris in Paddington. I then found a new muse for Papillon’s home in Avalon. I was drawn to the beachside and it’s small town community, I fell in love with the style and groove. People in all stages of life take great pride in their appearance and appreciate good service, fashion and food. It’s a community that supports each other, I like that!

My usual day:
Wake up at 4:30am, I train at F45 or go for a long run, {if I don’t get my morning exercise in I’m not the same person haha},
get ready for work,
get my baby ready for family daycare,
drop him off,
get to the salon and basically make people feel good about themselves all day.
leave, go home,
cook a healthy dinner ( occasionally a sneaky glass of wine)
have a bubble bath and go to sleep to do this all over again! I love my life and I LOVE my job!

What makes my day:
My son dancing
My husband
My clients
My staff
(The list could go on)?!

Can’t live without:
For all that know me well, food!!

4 fave songs:
Who can narrow their favourite songs down to four?!? I love supporting independent artists from sound cloud,
If we were to narrow it down to some artists I can’t get past some Kylie Minogue, George Micheal & anything from the 70’s, love the Beatles.

Fave place to escape to:
My home. Home is where the heart is.
We just bought a vintage boat to spend our weekends on in the Pittwater. For me I don’t need to leave, we live in Paradise.

How do I relax:
Bubble bath
Lying on the sand in the sun falling asleep

Best piece of life advice:
It’s the simple things in life that matters.

What will I be doing 5 years from now…
Same as I’m doing right now, I couldn’t be happier.

connect with Deborah

Visit www.papillonhair.com.au
& follow her at instagram.com/papillonhairavalon
+ watch this space


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