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Kay Wilson

Here’s how fearlessness can help achieve what you want…

Why do you want all those things?

Have you ever asked yourself why you want these things? What the driving motivation is behind all of these desires? Most of the time it’s happiness, happiness is a natural built-in desire, and in the world we live in the concept of happiness is closely tied to ownership, money and power, hence our desire for wealth and material things.

Should you feel guilty about what you desire?

I often have clients who feel guilty about their desires, but I assure them that there are no ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ dreams and aspirations. We each walk our own path and see the world through different filters so each persons dream is their own and should be treated with respect.

So what is in the way of your success?

No matter what your dream of success looks like your ability to realise it is far more improved if you are able to approach life without being intimidated by fear. Don’t get me wrong, fear is a very useful emotion, it keeps us physically safe, but it can also be a little controlling and if left unchecked can stop us from achieving our goals. This is because fear creates doubt, and when you doubt yourself it’s like you trip yourself up on your own path to success. No one is better at preventing you from reaching your success than you.

So how can you start working with your fear in a more empowering way?

Be like water – Water is nature’s example of how to overcome life’s obstacles. You can pour acid, or perfume into water and it will absorb both equally and keep flowing and expanding through them. What if you could treat your problems the same way? For example; if your boss criticizes your work, instead of getting upset and defensive, thank them and ask for their input into how you can improve and GROW. Or maybe your partner or flatmate is really untidy but instead of getting angry you see it as an opportunity to improve your patience or, stand your ground as you ask them to be more considerate. Essentially treat difficult situations with an expansive approach, so you ‘flow’ around them, they no longer stop you in your tracks but become a helpful platform from which you grow and adapt.

Try something new – Fear is often caused by the unknown and the reason it’s scary is because it’s out of our comfort zone so we are unfamiliar with it and we don’t feel in control. Our ability to work with the unknown allows us to branch out and do things that will help us overcome our procrastinations in life and most importantly start to trust ourselves. So why not flex your comfort zone? Start a new practice, it can be big or small, from a new lunch place, to trying rock climbing, give it a go and give your comfort zone a stretch!

You make the choices – Self-trust is a big factor when it comes to your fear. As children we all have big dreams about what we want in life but at some point our belief in our ability to become those things gets dampened or squashed all together. This is because we no longer believe in or trust ourselves to have what it takes. So how can you start to remember what it felt like to trust yourself? Challenge yourself to find one choice you made in the past that brought you joy. Do this once a day everyday for a week and see how you start to feel about yourself. The reality is we make thousands of excellent choices for ourselves all day every day but we choose to spend time thinking on those we regret. Flip it! Focus on all the choices YOU make that bring you happiness.

What effect it has when you’re free from fear.

When you come from a place of true self-belief and self-validation your source of approval comes from within, which means that it can’t be taken away from you. This is a very powerful place to operate from, without self-doubt you are free from fear. You are empowered; you are strong from the inside out. And the real irony is that when you are empowered your quest for success is over as you already have it. This is because you no longer ‘need’ outside goods or people to ‘make’ you happy, you are happy already! And paradoxically far more likely to attract all those shiny material things you wanted, as the job offers, promotions, investors and soul mates will be drawn to your inner strength and authenticity.

about our guest contributor:

Kay Wilson, Founder of Reiki Healing & Everyday Energy, is a Reiki Practitioner dedicated to helping you on your journey to physical wellbeing. She is passionate about energetic health and peace of mind and is always developing techniques to help you integrate mindful and energetic living into everyday life.
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