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new week: 30 ways to find tranquility

Nikki Yazxhi


here are some simple tips to help you find tranquility this coming week/weekend…

1. Have a totally computer-free day/night – it’s amazing what you’ll achieve {other than work} and how you will help you to unwind {of course scroll through bellaMUMMA first – ha!}

2. Brew a cup of tea – the whole making process is actually quite relaxing

3. Pop some popcorn and enjoy that DVD you’ve been dying to watch {even if it didn’t get great reviews}

4. Take an afternoon nap, in bed!

5. Listen to music {soothing, possibly without lyrics}

6. Relax near water {paddle around in a kayak, walk along the river, stroll along the beach}

7. Treat yourself to a spa treatment {pedicure, facial or massage}

8. Get a good nights sleep – sip a mug of warm milk before you hit the pillow

9. Take your dog for a walk – they’ll love you for it and it will do you the world of good

10. Practice yoga – CLICK HERE for some positions

11. Gather a stack of magazines and allow yourself to flick through them at will – rip out anything you fancy

12. Cook your favourite meal and add a glass of wine {or two}

13. Order take-out and watch a marathon your favourite guilty-pleasure TV series

14. Take a bubble bath by candlelight

15. Snuggle!

16. Make cookies and enjoy them with cold cold milk

17. Do something creative – write, draw, dance – and allow yourself to get lost in the doing

18. Visit a new art exhibit – or the museum

19. Treat yourself to a cooking class – a great way to meet new people

20. Visit your local farmer’s or fish market

21. Allow yourself to laugh out loud

22. Go to a cafe and savour your coffee while people watching or reading the daily newspaper

23. Work in the garden – dig in the dirt

24. Bring fresh flowers home – place one singular flower in a bud vase by your bed and office space as well as bouquets in the family areas

25. Get your make-up done at your local department store {just don’t buy every product they suggest}

26. Enjoy high-tea with a friend at a city hotel

27. Allow yourself {keeping your budget in mind} to buy those earrings, shoes or frock, that you’ve been lusting over

28. Visit a botanical garden and take a picnic basket {packed with wine & cheese}

29. Keep a journal {it doesn’t have to be about the day-to-day, it can be a list of things you’re grateful for, favourite quotes and ideas that inspire you}

30. Savour the decadence of a handmade chocolate {or three} and just be!

{These tips have been adapted from one of my fave blogs The Simply Luxurious Life}


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