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social + culture contributor: BELINDA AUCOTT


you may remember she wrote our ‘guide to choosing the perfect champagne‘ post… well now we are so happy to say, Bel is going to be a bM regular… stay tuned for her posts, you are going to love them

Belinda’s backstory: Bel is a journalist and media consultant with over 17 years of experience. During her career she has worked in Sydney; London; Paris and Milan writing for publications including Fashion Wire Daily; GQ; Oyster; Men’s Style; Penthouse; Australian Creative; Indesign; Design Quarterly and Design Taxi. She’s also been Online Editor for Habitusliving, FHM, and at Yahoo for Marie Claire and Home Beautiful.

She now works in PR and has her side-project Champagne Republic, where she illustrates beautiful bottles of champagne. We are so so excited to have Bel onboard!

We asked Bel ‘the bM’ questions to find out a little more about her:

You, in three words? geeky, curious, lush

What inspires you? Art, nature, architecture

What’s your work title? Writer & Communications Specialist

What was your first ever job? Radio documentary assistant at ABC Radio 891 in Adelaide with Richard Margetson.

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? A Professional Olympic level ice skater

How did ‘Champagne Republic’ come about? I was on holiday at Pakiri in NZ when I gave up everything but French Champagne. My boyfriend bought me a while range of Champagne and then started drawing the bottles, I did 90 drawings in 6 days and he convinced me to put them online.

Explain your usual day? Mornings revolve around delicious foods shared with my partner Sam Christie. Cold pressed juiced, black coffee, eggs, vegetables. Then I work, do writing and have meetings. I often take break from work to recharge my batteries in the grounds of the Botanic Gardens or in the public collection of the Art Gallery of NSW.

In the afternoon I eat more sugar, day dream, drink, work and take more coffee to stay awake. In the evenings I like to be at home, cooking, talk, drinking, writing. I will often take a long bath and watch comedy, then I might draw before bed and talk, think or write until Im sleepy.

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What ‘makes your day’? A lot of laughter about silly things. Running jokes. Good Champagne

Three things in your life you can’t live without? Champagne, the sea and kundalini yoga.

4 fave songs on your iPod?
Brown Skin Lady by Black Star and Mos Def
Lemonade Lake by Jungle
Diamond Life by Sade
La Vie en Rose by Grace Jones

Fave place to escape to? Killcare on the North Coast of NSW to the beach house
– Tokyo for the art and shopping
– Paris for street style, food and architecture
– South of France for cooking and Zen times in Bernis (near Nimes)

How do you relax? I take baths, I draw, I drink Champagne with people who make great conversation and I cook for family and friends

Best piece of life advice you’ve received? Seize the day.

What will you be doing 5 years time? Publishing more often.




CLICK HERE to read Belinda’s guide to choosing the perfect champagne

+ connect with Belinda here:



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