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weekend home retreat: day 2 – SATURDAY

Nikki Yazxhi

here’s day two of our home re-treat guide – by Monday you’ll be re-vitalised,
re-energised and re-focused…

weekend retreat saturday


9am WAKE-UP… and practice the breathing exercise you learnt last night – it’s a great way to start the day.

9.10am CORRECT YOUR POSTURE…  Practice the POSTURE HUG yoga move to reverse the effects of sitting a desk all day and stimulate your kidneys.

9.30am POWER SHOWER… Energise and boost your mood by adding a reviving blast of rosemary essential oil with a few steadying drops of lavender to the bottom of your shower. Close the door, run the hot water and inhale.

{If you skip breakfast, you’ll eat more kilojoules during the day!} Not hungry in the morning? You might be eating too much at night. For a good brekkie eat one to two portions of complex carbs {1 cup of cereal or one to two pieces of bread}. Choose wholegrains over white-flour carbs to give you more long-lasting energy. Eat some protein {1 to 2 tablespoons of almonds or a poached egg} to keep your blood sugar stable and make you less likely to crave sugar later. A little fat is also important; it makes carbs and protein burn more slowly, keeping you energised all day.

12am GET MOVING… and boost your circulation with this park-bench-workout created by Aine Farrell from Velocity Personal Training. “Keep your moves slow and controlled. Repeat three to five times and take a one-minute walking break between each full circuit,” says Farrell. “Remember to warm up 10 minutes before and drink plenty of water. Finish by stretching thoroughly.”
Lower-Body Toner: Stand in front of a park bench with your back to the seat. Slowly squat as though you’re sitting in a chair (thighs parallel to ground; posture perfect) until your butt barely touches the seat, being careful not to lower your butt below your knees; then straighten. Do 15 using controlled movements.
Thigh & Butt Burner: Step up on the bench with one leg and step down with the other. Do two sets of 20, alternating your starting leg throughout. (Be careful not to step too high as this will put undue stress on your knees – use a step if the bench is too high.)
Calf Shaper: Stand and hold on to the back of the bench for support then slowly raise your heels up and down until your calf muscles burn.
Ab Builder: Lie down in front of the bench on a towel and place your feet on bench so that legs are at a 90-degree angle. With your hands behind head, gently and slowly crunch abs, being careful not to pull on your head or neck in the process. Do two sets of at least 15.

1.30pm LONG LUNCH… Most of us eat our lunch too quickly, which results in bloating and indigestion. Try to eat slowly, without any distractions, as it’s much better our digestion and blood flow. And remember to drink two glasses of water.

3:30pm RE-VITALISE… Practice the DOG yoga move to re-energise and re-balance.

5pm TALK TO YOURSELF… Affirmations are powerful little mottos or sayings that you carve into your consciousness through repetition. What you think becomes who you are. Affirmations can help you achieve almost anything.

7pm TREAT YOUR TASTEBUDS… to a stir-fry starring all your favourite vegetables.

8pm DE-TOX…  Get your circulation going and slough off dead skin build-up with a sea salt scrub. Mix a handful of sea salt and add water to make a paste then starting from your feet up, massage the paste into your skin, working it up your body in circular movements. Avoid your bust and neck area. Rinse with warm water, towel dry and go straight to bed. If you start to sweat, don’t worry, it’s your body getting rid of built-up toxins. (If you’re diabetic or have cardiovascular problems, give this a skip.)

Stay tuned for your Sunday schedule – posted tomorrow & CLICK HERE if you missed Day 1!

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