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Babies, toddlers and new mummas all enjoying morning tea to celebrate Huggies softest and most breathable nappy, the new ‘Ultimate’ nappy…

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Pram parking, {much-needed} coffee, freshly squeezed juices, delicate scones, sandwiches {with crusts cut off}, instagram-able cupcakes, little fruit and yogurt compotes and bespoke-flavoured delicate macarons. A luxurious white lounge, soft cushions and rugs in a beautiful childrens play area, with touches of gold and white throughout… the perfect recipe for Huggie’s new Ultimate nappy range launch, all set in Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens, with the sun shining in through the lush foliage. Stunning.

Luxe, beautifully-decorated nurseries and nappy changing stations, complete with everything for new mummas and their super-cute babies to try the Ultimate nappy, and neonatal pediatrician, Dr Chilton (AKA The Baby Doc) who shared his wealth of experience and words of wisdom. The morning was not only decadent and delicious, it was interesting and informative too…


… I also met the gorgeous Jules and Emmi from @newmumstheword {above} – thank you for being such super-cute models : )


important things about your baby’s skin

At the launch Dr Chilton reminded us that all babies are designed to be kissable, and huggable. The big head, the enormous clear eyes, the button nose, small chin, cupid lips, chubby cheeks and soft skin all converge to make a pattern that specifically triggers in our brain feelings of love and the need to protect. {You only had to look around the room to see case in point!} As a mum this is something you naturally and instinctively feel, but hearing Dr Chilton explain it from a scientific view was really interesting. He also explained the importance of baby skin…

“The softness and smoothness of the skin is an intrinsic part of it. Their skin is finer, with a thinner, more fragile outer layer. That fineness provides the most sensitive organ of communication for your baby. They rely on and relish tactile sensation especially with the body of their mother. Right from the moment of birth, babies have been observed to calm when placed on their mother.
This close contact lays the groundwork for transitioning the baby from life inside to outside the womb. It stabilises the baby’s respiratory pattern, temperature, blood glucose and relieves the stress of such a big change. Then as time goes on it teaches the baby about security, safety, love and calmness.”

– Dr. Howard Chilton, Neonatal Paediatrician


nappy rash & new baby skin

There is a downside in the delicacy of the baby’s skin.”The thinness of both the epidermis and dermis underneath means the skin is more susceptible to rashes especially in the nappy area,” explained Dr Chilton.

“This is why I think your nappy choice is so important! I used Huggies nappies for both Mr 14 and Mr 11 when they were babies, {a long time ago now, although it seems like yestersday} and we never had a problem with nappy rash or skin problems on their baby bottoms. I could always rely on them, even when they started sleeping longer through the night. Total bliss!”

– Nikki from bellaMUMMA


8 reasons you will love new Huggies Ultimate nappies

huggies-nappiesWhat’s different about Huggies Ultimate?
1. They are Huggies softest nappy:
 they have a cotton-like softness inside and out that gently hugs your baby in comfort all day and night.
2. They are Huggies most breathable nappy: they allow air to circulate keeping baby cool and dry. Huggies Nappies Breathe Dry Cover has been clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash.
3. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E has been added to the DryTouch and GentleAbsorb Layer for extra softness against your baby’s delicate skin {from Infant to Walker sizes}.


4. They have tailored absorbency for boys & girls
{Infant to Walker sizes only} with absorbency where they need it most; in the front for boys and lower down for girls.
5. They have an exclusive Absorbency System for up to 12hrs leakage protection.
6. They have stretchy grip tabs and waistband which gently contour to your baby’s body to provide a snug and secure fit around the waist.
7. They’re the only nappy clinically proven to help prevent nappy rash.
8. They have new adorable Disney designs for boys and girls.

You can still buy regular Huggies Ultra Dry Nappies in stores nationally, but why not give new Huggies Ultimate nappies a try?


For more details and to buy Huggies Ultimate online,
visit www.huggies.com.au
+ follow them socially:

{This post is a collaboration with Huggies.
As you know, we do not promote any products or services that we would not wholeheartedly recommend to our friends.}

Have you tried Huggies Ultimate yet? Let me know in the comments below…

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