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Here’s how to soothe, smooth and stay flake-free this winter…


Dry skin can be caused by changes in hormones, poor diet, medications, cosmetics, cleaning products and climate, but for many of us, flaky ‘snow-like skin mostly occurs in winter. Low humidity, indoor heating, inadequate water intake, long and excessively hot baths and showers are the biggest flaky-skin causing culprits.
face flaky-skin fix tips:
EXFOLIATE: First  exfoliate away dead skin cells – this helps cell renewal and stimulation of blood circulation which increases oxygen and nutrients to the skin. It also allows for better absorption of moisturisers therefore making them more effective.
SWITCH TO SHOWERS: Long hot baths and showers strip natural oils from the skin so tske quick, luke warm showers instead. They help keep good moisture balance in the skin.
HYDRATE: Moisturising is a given, but the trick is to apply your moisturiser just after the shower while the skin is still a little damp – that way it traps the moisture still on your skin.
DRINK UP: During the colder months we tend to reduce our water intake and replace it with comforting hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot chocolate. It’s when the water level in the skin drops by ten percent that it becomes dry, itchy and flaky. Remembering to drink one to two litres of water a day will keep skin hydrated and flake-free.
ADD SUPPLEMENTS: Evening Primrose Oil is a great supplement to take, and use on your face, as it contains an essential fatty acid that strengthens skin cells and boosts moisture content. You can also add a drop of Vitamin E oil from a capsule to your moisturiser before applying. This gives the skin an extra hydrating boost and protects its natural oil balance.
EAT MORE NUTS AND SEEDS: Also try adding a variety of nuts and seeds to your diet as they contain essential fatty acids that support skin health. Unrefined, cold-pressed flax seed oil used daily on salads and baked potatoes will also make dry skin moist and supple.
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Flaking skin on your body is generally caused by the same factors as flaking skin on your face.
body flaky-skin fix tips:
SMOOTHING MOVES: To keep your body flake-free, take a similar approach to how you care for the skin on your face. Using a more emollient and nourishing cream moisturiser (especially at night, when it’s less likely to wipe off) and exfoliating on a weekly basis will give you super-smooth results.
BOOST YOUR DIET: Also make sure your diet consists of plenty of Omega 3’s (lots of oily fish, avocado etc) and Zinc (which is very healing for skin). This ensures that your skin is being helped from the inside out.
GET MOVING: Regular  exercise can also increase sebaceous activity on the skin, particularly on the body therefore naturally making it less dry and flaky.
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A dry, flaky scalp could be the result of dryness like on the rest of your body, or it could be dandruff. What causes your scalp to become dry or flaky is usually due to an over-activated keratinisation cycle on your scalp which is usually marked by itching and excessive scaling, which we call dandruff. The presence of small white or gray scales on the surface of the scalp is a sign of dandruff. Usually flakes would snowstorm down due to your irritated and itchy scalp.
head flaky-skin fix tips:
TREAT: Use shampoos and conditioners formulated with menthol, lemon or lime, as these can soothe your itchy, dry scalp. In addition, prevent dandruff flakes from coming back by using shampoos containing anti-dandruff medication, such as Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT).
LIGHTEN UP: Dark hair colours can make dandruff look more obvious. Consider going a shade lighter or adding highlights.
HIDE IN STYLE: Styling tricks can also help to make flakes less noticeable while you’re treating the problem. Avoid ruler-straight parts and flat-ironed or blunt-cut hair, instead try using Velcro rollers to add volume and obscure the scalp.


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