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Nikki Yazxhi

colouring in


Everyone has their own version of ‘time out’. It may be taking a bath, going to yoga or switching off digitally. But have you ever thought about grabbing a
colouring book & some crayons?

Adult colouring books are the new BIG thing. Aimed at people who want to de-stress, be more mindful and find an antidote to the always-on digital world, people are noticing the benefits too, with Dymocks reporting 140,000 colouring books have been sold since April 2015.
Not 100% convinced? Here are 3 reasons why you need to reignite this beloved childhood habit:
1. Research supports it: Neuroscientists have looked into the effects colouring has on the brain and observed that our alpha brain waves switch on when we engage in this activity. Jordanna Levin, Lifestyle Coach and Creator of The Inspired Table explains that, “when our brains are in the alpha state our anxiety and stress levels are reduced, our quality of sleep is better and we’re able to tackle everyday stresses with more ease and grace”. If neuroscience isn’t enough to encourage you to colour, the fact that it could potentially improve your sleep is reason enough to try it!
2. You can do it with the kids: If you struggle to find time to enjoy activities with your kids, why not try colouring together? They’ll love having you join them. Colouring encourages you to tap into your creative outlet and the tactile experience of it is naturally calming. If you find your colouring skills are worse than your children, then you’re missing the point. It’s purely about checking out of your stress and tapping into a state of complete relaxation rather than trying to create a masterpiece. After all, what’s the point of evading stress if you’re going to stress about staying within the lines?
3. It’s just like meditation: Jordanna explains that, “colouring is the perfect introductory tool to mindfulness for people who find the act of sitting in meditation tricky”. Meditation requires discipline which when you’re trying to de-stress can become frustrating if you can’t escape your thoughts. Colouring is also similar to yoga whereby you’re tapping into a thoughtless space. Jordanna reassures us by saying “it calms the mind by focusing on a simple task that keeps the brain engaged enough so that it doesn’t become bored or easily distracted, but without the complexity of over thinking, multi-tasking or planning”.
There’s more to colouring-in than you think. Give it a go the next time you’re feeling stressed. Check out the colouring book selection, including Mindfulness Colouring {above} at Dymocks. {A great, cute, clever Christmas pressie idea too!}
{Top pic: Earmark @estsy – click for pencil details & to buy online!}


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