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Nikki Yazxhi

black jeans


fading is an inevitable reality. But there are a few things you could do to keep it the fading-to-grey to a minimum.

So we consulted one of our favourite denim dealers, Madewell, for their tips on maintaining that deep, just-bought-’em black. Here’s their insider info:
Overall, the agreed trick is to limit spins in the washing machine. (Yep, yuck!) That said, we all know sometimes it’s just absolutely necessary to give your jeans a good clean though, so here’s how to do it and still keep them in tip-top shape/shade.
Set the dye before their first wash. Soak your jeans—inside out—in a bath of cold water with one cup of white vinegar and one tablespoon of salt. This helps set the dye into your denim before a disruptive wash.
balck jeans
When you can, mist instead of wash. If you’re trying to maintain that no-wash method but need to freshen up, fill a spray bottle with half cold water and half vodka (really). Mist your jeans with the solution, let them dry, then toss them in the freezer overnight. This won’t eliminate everything, but it will kill some of the odour-causing bacteria.
Use babywipes to remove stains. Not being able to see most stains is just one of the blessings of black denim, but if you do encounter a stain, gently dab it off with a baby wipe.
Wash them delicately. Whether you machine wash or hand wash, make sure you’re doing it gently, either on a gentle setting or by hand (which is always optimal) – and use gentle detergents. Your last, very important to-do: Turn them inside out before they soak.
care for your black jeans
Do not put them in the dryer. Air drying prevents fiber breakdown, making it the best way to prolong the richness of the colour. Dry your denim right side out and hanging by the back belt loop (see picture above). The weight of the denim will help prevent wrinkles.
Armed with this insider info, go forth and keep those jeans as black as the day you bought them.
{Source and pics: Madewell}


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