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wellbeing: 9 WAYS TO UNWIND


try these 9 easy ways transition into ‘relax’ mode

1. Leave your work at work by using a mantra. Make your home a Zen den, a place of serenity and peace, by doing this: when you arrive at your front door at the end of the day, make a conscious decision to leave your stress on the threshold rather than carry it in with you. Say to yourself or even out loud: “I leave all stress from today here.” Make sure you truly mean it before you put the key in to open the door.

2. Set a relaxing atmosphere for the evening. Dimming the lights sends your body a signal to wind down and go to bed. So instead of keeping the bright lights on all evening, dim them when you get home and light some candles. Add to the gentle glow by turning on some relaxing music.

3. Shut down all tech devices. As early as you can, turn off all electronics, including the TV. Make a habit to also shut down all social media at a certain time every night and not start it up again until after you’ve set up your new day in a relaxed way. Your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and email can wait.

4. Sip calming teas. Warm beverages soothe the body — and who doesn’t feel cozy while curled up in pyjamas with a good book and a hot cup of tea? To really relax before bed, drink chamomile and peppermint tea.

5. Take a detoxifying bath. Enjoying a hot shower or bath in the evening goes a long way in steaming away stress. You can improve the bath even further by adding Epsom salts, which help detoxify the body. Make the water warm enough that you break into a light sweat, which will also help your body eliminate toxins. Pour two cups of the salts into the bath, dim the lights, relax, and unwind.

6. Try aromatherapy. The power of scent is profound, and breathing in a relaxing essential oil can totally shift your head and heart space.
Studies have found that lavender essential oil can help insomnia. Try putting a few drops of lavender essential oil on your temples and wrists before bed. You can also put a drop on your pillow.

7. Make your bedroom a sanctuary. To encourage sticking with your bedtime each night, it’s essential to have a bed that feels inviting. Soft pillows, warm blankets, and a serene colour scheme in your bedroom are worth the investment. Your place of sleep should feel like an oasis.

8. Practice some light yoga stretches. Easy yoga poses and light stretching will help your body wind down from the day. A good position for unwinding is child’s pose. Lie face-down curled into yourself on the floor. Now, expand your breath into your rib cage and your back for a sense of relaxation. You can finish this wind-down in savasana position on your yoga mat with some deep breathing.

9. Do a visual body scan. Help your body relax by focusing on yourself and your heart centre. Lie down on your back and mentally scan from the top of your head down to your toes. Visualise each part of your body, stopping anywhere you are holding stress and discomfort and breathe deeply into that area. When that part relaxes, move on. Don’t judge as you scan — just give your body love.

{Source: Mind Body Green / Pic: Elle}


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